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AZEX Pest Solutions is the Original and Most Experienced Bed Bug Heat Treatment and Extermination Company in the State of Arizona by far.

AZEX PEST SOLUTIONS KNOWS HOW TO KILL BED BUGS!  Our process is the Genuine and most effective heat treatment on the market today. Getting rid of bed bugs has never been easier.  We have over SEVEN YEARS of experience applying heat to structures such as hotels and residential structures. Many companies may offer a bed bug Heat Treatment; but only AZEX Pest Solutions has the experience, knowledge, and training that sets us miles apart from the competitions cheap and oftentimes unsafe bed bug heat service imitations.

We’re trained, fully licensed, and insured to apply AZEX Heat Treatments for hotels, inns, motels, and residential structures throughout the State of Arizona including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Gilbert, Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott and surrounding areas. Another byproduct of applying heat for pest control are; oxidizing odors like tobacco and eliminating allergens.

No other heat treatment on the market can claim that!  END BED BUG BITES TODAY!


Advantages Of AZEX Bed Bug Heat Treatments:

  • Quick (one time) treatment times – 6-8 hours, from set up to tear down.
  • Efficacy is not affected by weather conditions (winds, cold, rain etc..).
  • Off gases organic musty odors.
  • Eliminates allergens that can trigger asthma attacks by using HEPA Filtration during treatment.
  • Treatments Monitored By State of the Art Wireless Probes.
  • Removes moisture in zones or structures, which is conducive to infestation and enhances the bed bug life-cycle.
  • Improves indoor air quality by using HEPA Filtration During Many of Our Heat Processes.

AZEX is by far the most experienced Heat Treatment Company in the State with many thousands services and Happy Customers!

About the Process:

• It is a “non-chemical” process without multiple chemical applications; it is safer and requires substantially less precautions. This means, you can resume productivity in a more timely matter.
• Our process uses heated outside air to create positive pressure in the rooms; the result is consistent targeted air temperature in all areas of the rooms including cracks, crevices and voids, where the pests and their eggs are hiding.
• Our process involves getting rid of bed bugs by heating each room or a full structure to 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit (ANYTHING HOTTER WILL CAUSE DAMAGE!!!). This level of heat kills the entire life cycle of the bed bug (from eggs to adults) and holding lethal temperatures for 4 hours kills and eliminates, common mold spores, allergens that trigger asthma, and oxidizes odors.
• Customers do not see vans or equipment saying BED BUG Killers or PEST CONTROL; we arrive in discreet enclosed AZEX Pest Solution’s trucks or vans.

After the Process:


We offer two week or  30 day Chemical and K-9 Post Treatment followups and inspections!


Don’t Get Duped…  Not All Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs Are The Same!

As word spreads about the effectiveness of our bed bug control using heat treatments, more and more pest management companies are understandably trying  to imitate AZEX by offering bed bug heat services.  The fact is that not all heat treatments are the same.

Concerns with Imitation Companies and Products:


  • Incredibly, many heat treatment companies in Arizona have been doing heat treatments for less than 1 year
  • Learning as they go
  • Increased Risk of Property Damage
  • Lower probability of Successful Treatment
  • Inconsistent Monitoring- Temperatures / Heaters
  • No HEPA Filtration during the treatment

Heaters / Equipment:

  • Not Rated for Residential / Indoor Use
  • Non EPA Registered Pest Control Devices (In the state of Arizona these ratings are a legal requirement for any pest control device used for a pest heat service).
  • Increased Fire Hazard.
  • Increased Risk of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • No HEPA Filtration During Treatment!  Critical for Maintaining Safe Indoor Air Quality!

“Indoor airborne particulate generated by convective heating processes, such as most Bed Bug Heat Treatments, require the use of engineering controls, specifically HEPA filtration, to manage the aerosol. This is an integral part of the AZEX process and should be a standard in all Bed Bug Heat remediation efforts where a convective process is used.”

AZEX Heat Service:


When it comes to bed bug heat treatments, there is no substitute for experience!

  • AZEX pioneered the first bed bug heat treatments in Arizona in 2007.
  • AZEX Uses HEPA Filtration (Essential For Indoor Air Quality Safety)
  • AZEX is the most experienced heat remediation company in the state.
  • AZEX employs the most experienced heat remediation technicians in Arizona
  • AZEX already knows how to reach lethal temps without damaging your property
  • AZEX Technicians Are All Highly Trained, Highly Experienced, and State Certified Pest Management Professionals

QUALITY (Not all heaters are created equal!)

All heaters used by AZEX Pest Solutions:

  • Meet or Exceed OSHA Safety and environmental standards
  • Are EPA Registered
  • Are specifically designed to heat structures
  • Are approved for residential and indoor use

Kill Bed Bugs with Heat!

Thermal pest eradication, known simply as heat, is an alternative form of pest control that involves safely raising the temperature of an affected area to a level no pest can survive.

Bed bugAZEX Pest Solutions is the only fully trained and licensed pest control company offering the AZEX Heat Patented process for hotels, summer camps, homes, and small businesses. We are your integrated pest management partner.

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY to find out more about our services and how much a bed bug heat treatment costs.

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