DSC_0524_2The DIY approach to life is great for a sense of personal achievement and for preserving your hard-earned dollars.  It works if you want to make your own pillows, candles, or window treatments, for instance. But Do-It-Yourself and imitation bed bug heat treatments and services might end up costing you big time in the long run.  Why?

Take a look at many recent news stories about bed bugs and you’ll see numerous accounts of DIY and cheap imitation bed bug removal company’s attempts and services gone very wrong – from extreme and over-the-top pesticide use with toxicity high enough to send Fido to the vet – to house or apartment fires that developed after the the do-it-yourselfer or fly by night pest heat service used inappropriate heat sources and or techniques in an attempt to kill these parasitic insects.

See a Recent Example Right Here in Phoenix, AZ: Apartment Catches Fire During Bed Bug Heat Treatment

When used properly by certifiably trained and well educated professionals, heat can kill the full spectrum of bed bug life stages (including eggs) and it is successful in penetrating bed bug hiding spaces and harborages other eradication sources miss.

But the success and precision at which bed bugs are eliminated with heat devices by trained professionals rarely is replicated by the DIY guy or start up heat treatment company with no formal training or experience in heat treatments other than maybe watching a company like AZEX Pest perform a bed bug heat treatment from afar. And when attempts are made by non-professionals, and non-experts (despite their claims) oftentimes tragedies do in fact result.  See: Woman died in group home after bedbug treatment.

Also, take the story of the New Jersey man who last year tried to eliminate a bed bug infestation in his home with the use of a hair dryer, heating gun, and space heater. What resulted for this harried homeowner was nothing short of an insurance company nightmare: his home caught fire and three firemen were injured attempting to extinguish the errant blaze.

Another family sprayed isopropyl alcohol for the bed bug infestation in their home, but it seems they didn’t know this liquid is extremely flammable. So when someone smoked a cigarette in the sprayed room, a fire ensued and the house was quickly engulfed in flames – causing $30,000 in damages!  Thankfully no one was hurt.  However, these horrific fires prove that DIY bed bug extermination rarely works successfully and can have tragic and extremely costly results.


A new proliferation of bed bug infestations in homes, apartments, hotels, and other public domains has many people taking drastic measures to eliminate these blood-sucking pests. Everyday we encounter another customer who was told by the local hardware store clerk to purchase foggers, sprays, and anything else stocked on their shelves.  The fact is, due to the bed bugs known resistance to many of these chemicals, and the fact bed bugs can live well over a year without feeding, they will eventually come out of the places they were driven to, by the chemicals, and re-infest the dwelling.

Further, due to this ever increasing bed bug plague, new so called heat treatment and bed bug experts are popping up all over the country trying to cash in on the bed bug bonanza everyday.  Many have been doing heat treatments for less than a year and have no formal bed bug education, training, or experience.  Do your research!  If they haven’t been performing bed bug heat treatments for at least five years there is a high probability they are still learning as they go.

Using the services of certifiably well-trained, certifiably experienced, licensed professionals like AZEX Pest Solutions is always the safest and most effective decision for bed bug heat elimination. The use of heat as an eradication source for bed bug removal remains the wisest choice for these insects by far.  Heat at temperatures between 140 to 160 will successfully kill all bed bug life stages and heat penetrates every crevice of an infested domain. Unlike repellant  pesticide treatments that often drive insects from a sprayed area to a hiding space untouched by the chemicals, there is nowhere for bed bugs to hide when using AZEX HEAT.

True Professionals, with true expertise like AZEX Pest Solutions technicians are well versed in heat treatment techniques which requires many years of  practice and a deep understanding the biology, and the precise levels of heat at which bed bugs will be completely eliminated and personal belongings will be protected from damage.

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