Rodents are a big problem for many Americans, and pest management professionals should be experienced at eradicating rodents quickly.  Listening to questions and concerns of clients and asking critical questions is part of the rodent elimination process. The initial inspection is also an extremely important step in rodent extermination. 

Here are 10 signs that the AZEX Pest Solutions technicians will look for when inspecting a home or business for rodent activity.

  1. Rodent Tracks – Tracks can be seen in outdoor soil or inside in dusty areas where the tracks would be undisturbed.  The pattern and shape of tracks will let a trained technician know what type of rodent has been present in the area.
  2. Grease Marks – Many rodents produce grease or rub marks from oil and dirt that collects on their body and rubs off as they scurry around. These marks are commonly seen on walls, entry and exit points and on rodent pathways.
  3. Burrows or nests – Clumps of nesting material show where rodents are living and breeding. These nests usually contain material that is found around the hiding area. Identifying the material used in a nest can also give clues as to where rodents like to hide.
  4. Urine Stains – These stains can look and smell very distinctive and are easily spotted using a black light.
  5. Fecal Pellets (droppings) – Another obvious sign of rodent activity is signs of droppings. A trained AZEX technician will be able to tell what type of animal left these dropping by examining the shape, size and color.
  6. Rodent Sounds – By quietly inspecting an area sounds of close by rodents would be heard. Sounds you might hear include; high pitched squeaks, digging or scratching, and scurrying or rustling.
  7. Chewing Damage – The presence of chew damage can be another obvious sign that you have a rodent infestation. Rodents LOVE to gnaw on things and the AZEX technician should be able to tell you what kind of animal left the chew marks by conducting a careful examination.  This gnawing damage could also cause issues if rodents have access to electrical wiring or insulation.  Your AZEX tech will let you know if potential problem may occur from any gnawing damage that is detected.
  8. Runways – Rodents are creatures of habit and usually use the same pathways to travel around a structure. These runways can be detected by a strong urine odor.
  9. Rodent Odors – Many people know that rodents have a distinctive smell and can identify it fairly quickly. Odors are mostly due to defecation and urination of their bodies and nearby objects.
  10. Live or Dead Rodents – The presence of a dead rodent is a good sign that an infestation is present. Usually the AZEX technician can tell by the decomposition of the rodent if it is a new or old infestation. 

A complete inspection is required to be sure of the size of an infestation and what kind of animal is present.  The house mouse, roof rat, and pack rats are the most prevalent animals seen in Arizona.  If you think you have a rodent problem call AZEX and schedule an inspection.  Proper identification is crucial to eliminating the problem, and a professional inspection is the best way to make sure the most effective extermination method is used.  After rodents have been identified a detailed treatment plan will be created and executed ASAP.  Call AZEX Pest Solutions today at 877-445-2847.