There are countless DIY methods out there that claim to kill bed bugs.  Just a quick Google search will bring up hundreds of articles claiming that you can rid yourself of bed bugs using “this magical method”.  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.  Bed bugs are extremely resilient and hearty.  Bed bugs are known for reoccurring infestations because the eggs and nymphs are nearly impossible to see and like to hide inside furniture and bedding.  A DY treatment MAY kill the live bugs, but with all of those eggs waiting to hatch, it’s just a matter of time before the bugs start to thrive again.  We have compiled a list of some of the most popular DIY methods and why they don’t work.  But, before you lose hope, we also have a method that DOES WORK – So read on, and find out the one way that kills bed bugs THE FIRST TIME!


 Mattress Encasements

mattress-ancasementsWhat It Does: Essentially these products are giant plastic bags that you place your mattress inside.  The concept is that the bugs will be suffocated when trapped inside.  Since bed bugs can’t chew through plastic they are trapped until the encasement is removed and the bed is cleaned.

Why It Doesn’t Work: Bed bugs don’t just live in beds, so while you may kill some bed bugs this way it will be impossible to get rid on an entire infestation by wrapping your mattress in plastic.  Bed bugs often live in the wooden frame of your bed, in other furniture, inside walls, and under flooring.  It would be impossible to wrap everything in plastic, making this method unrealistic in terms of completely solving a bed bugs problem.


Diatomaceous Earth 

diatomaceous-earthWhat It Does: Diatomaceous Earth is a powdery, almost chalk like, substance that has been used in pest control efforts for years.  It can usually be bought in any feed stores due to its use against flies on Farms and Ranches.  It kills bed bugs by wearing out their outer shell and dehydrating them to death.

Why It Doesn’t Work:  For this treatment to be effective every single bug would need to walk through the powder many times.  This treatment can take days to kill a single bed bug.  Plus, bed bugs are smart…once they see diatomaceous earth being applied they simply move to another room.  The other major problem with this treatment is that it can be dangerous for pets and humans to inhale.  Once the powder has been applied all pets should be kept away and you shouldn’t walk or move things in the area for fear of “kicking up” the dust and breathing it in.


Dry Ice Traps

dry-ice-trapsWhat It Does: Bed bugs are attracted to the CO2 that we emit.  Dry Ice also emits CO2.  By connecting the dots people have started making “dry ice traps” by using a prepared bowl filled with dry ice.  Bed bugs crawl into the bowl for the CO2 and are trapped by powder placed inside the bowl.

Why It Doesn’t Work:  This treatment is extremely dangerous.  CO2 can be lethal to humans, so it is recommended that this treatment be used for an hour or less at a time.  Dry ice can also cause terrible burns and should be kept far away from children and pets.  Also, there is no way to kill the eggs or any bed bugs too far away to be attracted by the CO2.  Plus, with only an hour to work with the likely hood of killing many bed bugs is pretty low.


Boiling Water

boiling-waterWhat It Does: This method is performed by boiling water and pouring it on areas where bed bugs are present.

Why It Doesn’t Work: As we mentioned before, bed bugs hide inside furniture, walls and other hard to reach areas.  It would be impossible to pour hot water on EVERY BUG.  Plus, water can damage your furniture and be dangerous if poured into the wrong area.  Don’t try this one!


Store Bought Pesticides

pesticidesWhat It Does: Nearly every hardware store sells a variety of products that claim to kill bed bugs.  Many formulas say “Kills Bed Bugs and Fleas” or “Kills on Contact”.  Many products come with a spray hose and short instructions on where and how to spray the bed bug infected area.

Why It Doesn’t Work:  There are 3 main reasons why these treatments don’t work. 1.  Bed Bugs have evolved immunities to these type of pesticides.  In the past 10-20 years we have seen bed bugs become resilient to more and more chemical treatments. 2.  For this to work you must actually spray every bug.  Bed bugs usually don’t hang out in the open, so doing this can be very difficult.  3.  Many of the products sold on shelves across the US have very little or NO testing done before release.  You could buy 100 of these type of products before one would actually kill any bugs.  Additionally, once you start spraying, the bugs will migrate to another room or hide inside the walls until the poison has dried and it is safe to return.


So What Should You Do?

Killing bed bugs can be simple with the right treatment.  Unfortunately, many of the treatments that can be found online aren’t effective at all.  BUT we said there was hope….and there is.  All you have to do is call in a professional exterminator and request a heat treatment.  AZEX Pest Solution provides the most effective bed bug heat treatments around.


AZEX is at the forefront of this revolutionary treatment that works in as little as 8 hours.  Heat treatments work by permeating every square inch of the structure or room.  By rising the heat quickly, bed bugs can’t escape and die before they are able to move to another area.  Even bugs hiding inside walls and under flooring are eradicated using this method.  AZEX is also the only provider of the Steri-heat process that clean the air while it kills bed bugs.  AZEX has over 9 years experience killing bed bugs and has hundreds of happy customers.  For more information about our heat treatments, visit our heat treatments page at and give us a call for more info.  We can be reached at 877-445-2847 or through our website contact forms.  Get the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE bed bug treatments available with AZEX Pest Solutions!  Call TODAY!