Bed bugs can be a real-life nightmare for anyone, especially if proper treatments aren’t applied.  When bed bugs infest a home and aren’t treated properly, the effects can be catastrophic both mentally and physically.

Here are five things that could happen to yourself, family, customers, or friends if bed bugs aren’t treated quickly:

  1. Unfair judgment

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding bed bug infestations.  Many misconceptions are spread by people that are unintentionally ignorant of what a bed bug problem is actually like.  Victims of bed bug infestations are often subjected to harsh rumors of being unclean, dirty, and a danger to the public.  These rumors can lead to social isolation, depressions, and more severe mental disorders.

The truth is: Bed bugs don’t care if you’re rich, poor, have a nice house, or a small shack; they don’t necessarily thrive in dirty environments any more than clean ones.  Bed bugs don’t care how much you clean; they only need a place to hide.  Bed bugs have been found in mansions and five start resorts just as often as lower-income housing and small hotels.  The difference between the effect and severity of the problems is in the reaction time and the treatment that is applied.  If you notice bed bugs, act right away!  The best treatment option is a heat treatment using professional quality heaters and equipment.


  1. You may be driven to dangerous treatment methods

In efforts to get rid of bed bugs, many people have been driven to dangerous DIY treatment methods.  Some of these methods include using harmful & flammable chemicals, turning on the oven, space heater, or home furnace to heat the home hot enough to kill the bugs or even pouring boiling water all over the infected furniture to kill the bugs hiding within.  Insecurity and paranoia are very common with victims of bed bug infestations.  When compiled with a lack of sleep and painful bites, people often do things they might not otherwise do.
Keep your home, business, and family safe by only using professionally approved treatment methods.  Azex Pest Solutions offers the most effective bed bug heat treatments available, plus we also offer DIY heater rentals for the DIY’ers that would prefer to treat their homes and businesses without the need to schedule with a pest


  1. You might think you need to throw away all your belongings

A very common reaction to having bed bug-infested items is to remove them from your home in efforts to take the bugs out with it.  Other options are to microwave or freeze smaller items to kill the bugs.

The professionals at Azex Pest Solutions do not recommend any of these methods.  Not only with these actions NOT going to get rid of the bugs, but you could also be spreading the problem to your friends and neighbor.  All bed bug-infested items should remain inside the house unless instructed by your Azex Pest Technician.


  1. You might have to flee your home

After months of dealing with bed bugs, you might be reduced to extreme methods of escaping the nightmare.  Moving away may seem like the only option.  But, the bad news is that the bed bugs are probably going to follow you everywhere you go.  If you have a true infestation, then bed bugs are hiding in your belongings.  Treat the problem, don’t run away! Call Azex Pest Solutions to schedule your inspection and treatment today!


  1. You might have lasting scars

Bed bugs leave scars behind wherever they go.  From their bites to the emotional and mental scars from extended paranoia, bed bugs have a lasting effect on the people that have dealt with them.  These effects are worse the longer the victim has dealt with bed bugs.

If you have painful, itchy welts that swell or become extremely painful, please see a doctor right away.  Advice from online sources is not a substitute for professional advice from an in-person doctor.


If you feel paranoid, start feeling the effects of PTSD, have anxiety, or other mental effects resulting from your bed bug experience, then you should see a professional as soon as possible.  Depression, social anxiety, hallucinations, and other mention effects have been reported after bed bug infestations and should not be taken lightly.  Professional help may be needed, and you should not procrastinate!


Bed bugs affect hundreds and thousands of people every year.  Don’t let them win over your home or business!  Contact Azex Pest Solutions today to schedule your treatment or bed bug heat equipment rental!