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Chemical Free. Nontoxic. Environmentally Friendly. Pet Safe. Allergen-Free. Kid Friendly. These qualities are in demand for all sorts of products and services — Pest Control Included.

AZEX Pest Solutions offers the most advanced pest control products and service programs available for both residential and commercial extermination in Arizona.  The honest and effective business practices that AZEX is committed to, produced a healthy, growing, family owned business that customers depend on.   We attribute our company’s success to the hard working, high caliber individuals at AZEX.    You will be pleased to work with any of our highly-qualified, state certified Pest Management Professionals. We are a family-owned and operated business with offices in both Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona.  Our pest control services are offered direct to residential and commercial customers and indirectly through a network of professional pest control companies throughout Arizona.

 AZEX Pest Solution offers the qualities consumers are looking for with the proven effectiveness they need to get rid of unwanted pests.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

AZEX Pest Solutions is the most experienced bed bug heat company in the State of Arizona by far.  Since 2007 AZEX has completed many thousands of bed bug remediation projects for a wide variety of customers including residential homes, apartments, summer camps, and major corporate and federal entities.  By being the very first bed bug heat treatment company in the state, and our customer base recognizing our unmatched experience, expertise, and extremely effective proprietary heat treatment process; it is no wonder AZEX Pest Solutions is the number one most sought after and mimicked bed bug heat treatment company around.


About the Owner

After working as an insect biologist for the United States Department of Agriculture, in 2007 Ron Ketner started AZEX Pest Solutions in Prescott, Arizona.  Since that time, Ron and AZEX have become the state’s foremost authority on Bed Bug Heat Remediation.  Ron set out to approach pest control in new and smarter ways with innovative technology, targeted pest control, and environmentally friendly practices. 

Educator, and/or Research Fellow for the:
  • Arizona Office of Pest Management
  • Arizona Department of Health Services- “Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases Program"
  • Society for Vector Ecology
  • National Science Foundation
  • Animal Behavior Society
  • Journal of Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science
  • US Dept. of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services

Thermal pest control has become a key component in an integrated pest management and insect control systems.  AZEX Pest Solutions is at the forefront of the movement toward nontoxic pest control remedies.


AZEX Pest Solutions | Owner Ron Ketner
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