Arizona is one of the few states to be blessed with mild climates year round.  While many people may enjoy these warm winter months, the warmth also allows for many insects to remain alive and active year round.  Because of this, residents of Arizona are encouraged to stick to a year round pest control plan to make sure their house isn’t home to dangerous and unwanted insects.

Winter pests in Arizona include many of the same pests that you might see during the warmer summer months.  Many bugs will simple move indoors to avoid the colder nights and occasional winter storms.  Arizona residents should be prepared for these pests to remain during the winter and take precautions as needed.


 Here are some of the bugs that you might see this winter:

winter1Bed Bugs: If there is a food source, bed bugs can live there.  That’s why it is possible to be infested with bed bugs in the coldest months of winter.  Protected in your nice warm bed, as well as other protected area in your home or business, bed bugs will be just as active in the winter as you would expect to see them in the summer.



winter 2Spiders: Wolf spiders, House spiders and even the Black Widow Spiders will move indoors during the winter to escape the cold.  Scheduling a routine professional bug spray during the winter can help to rid your home of these pests.




winter3Scorpions: Although we don’t see scorpions as often during the winter, these insects can move indoors or to protected areas throughout the winter and remain active.





winter 4Ants and Termites: Regular pest control will keep these insects out of your home or business this winter.





Azex Pest Solutions can help you with your unwanted pests this winter.  Call AZEX to set up your pest control plan for year round protection.  AZEX offers their services to residential and professional properties throughout the state.  With chemical sprays, heat treatments, and professional inspections AZEX are the experts at all types of pest eliminations.  Call AZEX at 877-445-2847 or visit our website at