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Green pest control company puts the heat on bugs

Ron Ketner and Grant Fernow, co-owners of AZEX Pest Control, stand next to their equipment trailer in Prescott Wednesday afternoon.

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Sniffing dogs help get rid of bed bugs

AZEX Pest Solutions Sonny Henegar and his bed bug detection dog Sonny demonstrate how they search for bed bugs at their Prescott training facility. For anyone who has dealt with the irritating bites of bedbugs, that cute little rhyme about not letting “the bedbugs bite” is anything but cute. They’re tiny, hide most of the time, and come out only to feed at night, generally on human blood.

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IBBRA Honors Ron Ketner

Ron Ketner, president of Prescott, Ariz.-based Azex Pest Solutions, was recently honored as an Ambassador by the International Bed Bug Resource Authority (IBBRA). Every year, the IBBRA recognizes members who share in the mission and vision of the IBBRA…

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uofa logoUniversity of Arizona Acknowledges AZEX Pest Solutions in their Bed Bug
Control White Paper!

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood. Bed bugs prefer to feed on humans, although they will take blood meals from other animals if humans are not available. Bed bugs are not introduced into homes by pets….




Daily Courier2Trainer gives drug-sniffing dog to Prescott Police Dept.

PRESCOTT – A police dog that previously spent his time sniffing out narcotics for a shipping company has now joined forces with the Prescott Police Department…..





Daily Courier

Old dog meets exterminator, learns new trick

PRESCOTT – Bedbugs, like cockroaches, are tough to get out of a house once they’re in. Unlike roaches, though, they rarely come out in the open, so they’re harder to detect.
But not for a dog. Their well-known super noses can smell even the tiniest bedbugs, the nymph stage bugs, which are so small they often can’t be seen without magnification….





news wire

Azex Pest Solutions Adds Canine Bed Bug Detection Training and Sales

Prescott, Arizona –With the dramatic increase of Bed Bug issues worldwide everyone is looking for the best ways to detect and eliminate them.  Azex Pest Solutions knows that utilizing bed bug canines is the best method for detecting the hard to find eggs and nearly invisible nymphs that most inspections miss and thus result in call backs and lost revenue for the properties….





Man’s best friend helps in war against bedbugs

Bedbugs are making a comeback as pest-control specialists say, in the last year alone, bedbug calls have increased as much as 800 percent in some areas of the Southwest. Dog trainer Sonny Henegar is helping people in Arizona – and all over the country – win the war against the pests by training man’s best friend to sniff them out….

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Bedbug eradication becoming a specialty niche

Ron Ketner, owner of AZEX Pest Solutions, stands in between mattresses infested with bugs at a home in Peoria. The mattress on right with specks of black have bed bug marks….
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Swarming Termites

Termite Baiting and Other Termite Control Methods

If you have a termite problem in your home, don’t panic. There are effective measures, such as termite baiting, to control termites….

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[Bed Bug Supplement] A Unique Heat Treatment

ThermaPureHeat says its heat methodology is a safe, effective, non-chemical pest eradication and environmental remediation process….

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Bedbugs boosting business of Arizona exterminators

The mere mention of bedbugs might make most people uncomfortable. But it’s a growing problem in Arizona and getting rid of them is turning into big business for exterminators….

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