Bed Bugs HATE heat; it’s a well-known fact in the pest control world.  While more and more pest professionals are offering heat treatments to rid homes and businesses of bed bugs, AZEX is taking it one step further with their revolutionary AZEX Heat process. 

Get the Facts:

  • AZEX Heat treatments are a 1 time treatment that have an active treatment time of 6-8 hours.
  • Set up and tear down are included in the treatment times – meaning your home or business will be operational after just one full work day!
  • Weather conditions, such as rain, wind or snow won’t effect the treatment accuracy.
  • Not only does the process eliminate bed bugs but it also can eliminate odors and removes moisture from the air.

How It Works:

The AZEX Heat process starts by preparing the room for maximum heat circulation.  Drawers should be opened slightly, bed should be propped up for maximum heat distribution around the mattress, and pictures/wall decorations may be removed from the walls.  After the minimum preparation requirements the room is ready for heat and the equipment is brought in.  The heaters and fans are strategically placed throughout the room and monitored throughout the entire heat process.  The room will be checked for cold spots and the equipment placement may be adjusted as needed.  Once the room has reached the target “KILL ZONE” for bed bugs it is held there for a minimum of 4 hours.  Once the heat treatment is complete we recommend that the room remain closed while it cools slowly…which extends the treatment duration and ensures that any hidden bugs have perished.

After the heating process has been completed AZEX even offers a 2 week follow up inspection and will schedule any additional treatments if needed.  The K-9 detection unit is often called to the scene to ensure that the heat treatment was successful.  There are no “third party” workers hired, and AZEX will always arrive to your home or business in discreet vans or trucks.

Got Bugs? Call AZEX Today:

AZEX pioneered the first bed bug heat treatments in Arizona and has been performing advanced bed bug treatments for over 10 years.  AZEX is the EXPERT at getting rid of bed bugs FOR GOOD!  All of the AZEX technicians are highly trained, highly experienced, and state certified pest management professionals.  All of the AZEX Heat heaters are EPA registered, meet or exceed the OSHA safety and environmental standards, are specifically designed for bed bug treatments, and are approved for residential and indoor use.  Don’t get duped with inexperienced exterminators that CLAIM to provide quality treatments…GO WITH THE PROs!!  AZEX can be reached anytime at 877-445-2847 or through their website at!