Be An Active Part of The Bed Bug Solution

Be An Active Part of The Bed Bug Solution

If you have read any of the AZEX Pest Solutions previous blog posts you are well aware the bed bugs have made a major comeback in the United States.  AZEX Pest Solutions is deep in the war against bed bugs and has been making great strides in reducing the number of bed bugs in Arizona; however, we still need your help.  Educating the public about bed bugs is essential to the success of the AZEX mission to eradicate bed bugs from our state.  While bed bugs may not be something that most people WANT to think about, with the 700% population increase that we have seen in the past few years, it is becoming something that NEEDS to be discussed. 

Here are some ways that you can be a part of the bed bug solution!

First, you should realize that bed bugs are nothing to be ashamed of.  Bed bugs aren’t picky and will hitch a ride home with anyone.  Even if your house is immaculately clean you could still pick up bed bugs during an outing and bring them back to your home or business. Bed Bugs are NOT a sign of dirtiness!  Bed bugs have nothing to do with the sanitation of your home.  Bed bugs don’t care if you live in a million dollar home, or a tiny apartment….  All bed bugs care about is food and warmth, and they can get both of those things hidden in your bed! 

Second, if you suspect that bed bugs have moved into your home, don’t panic.  Professionals like AZEX Pest Solutions are just a call away and can solve your problem in just 1 day!  The first step if you suspect bed bugs is to talk with your landlord and find out what the proper procedure is to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.  Don’t wait until the problem is unbearable, it is best to treat a bed bug problem while it is small, if possible.  The earlier a heat treatments can be applied to the area the less chance that the bugs will spread to other units or to your friends by hitching rides with you all over town. 

The third step in eradicating the bugs is to prepare yourself and your home for a treatment.  Remember that your landlord and AZEX is here to help you.  Ask lots of questions and follow all direction provided to you.  Preparation for a heat treatment is minimal and will be directed by the AZEX technician in charge of your case.  Do not throw away any bed bug infested items until AFTER the heat treatment has been applied and confirmed successful! 

Room GraphicFinally, protect your family from future infestations by further educating yourself about bed bugs.  Azex pest solutions offers monthly blog articles about bed bugs and other common household pests which can be helpful in keeping up on the latest developments in the bed bug war.  Take steps to avoid picking up bed bugs again.  This includes anytime you leave your home, especially when traveling!  Places with a regular change of occupancy are at a higher risk for bed bug issues.  Check your luggage closely if you think you’ve encountered bed bugs while traveling and dry all clothes immediately in a hot dryer.  Be careful of used clothes and furniture that enters your home.  Always do an inspection of these items BEFORE you let them enter your home.  You should know the signs of an infestation well, including what bed bug bites look like.  This information can be found at

The most important step in keeping your community bed bug free is being educated and sharing information with your family and friends.  AZEX Pest Solutions is at the frontlines in the bed bug battle and will continue to strive for bed bug elimination using revolutionary dry heat technology.  Call today for a free inspection and to schedule a heat treatment!

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