Last year for Bed Bug Awareness Week we talked about general bed bugs facts and tips to keep bed bugs from hitching a ride home with you.  You can read that article here.  This year we want to raise awareness about bed bugs by educating the public about ways to kill and detect bed bugs that actually work.  So many people either don’t treat the problem or try dangerous DIY treatments because of lack of money or knowledge.  By reading this article we hope to shed some light on just how easy bed bug elimination can be with the right exterminator.

K-9 Detection:

The first step in solving a bed bug issue is identifying the problem.  With K-9 detection the AZEX Technicians can be sure where the bugs are hiding and will only treat the areas that need treated.  Bed bug detection dogs are specially trained to find bed bugs and can sniff them out with 95% accuracy.  K-9 Detection is also used after a treatment has been completed to ensure that all bugs and their eggs have been eradicated.  Azex Pest Solutions is one of the few companies that offers in-house K-9 Detection in the state of Arizona.

For more info about our K-9 Detection Unit visit our K-9 Bed Bug Detection Page

Heat Treatments:

The science behind heat treatments is simple.  Bed Bugs hate heat, in fact it kills them when the temperate reaches 115 ° F. and higher.  Azex offers , and AZEX Bed Bug Heat.  Heat treatments are super effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs.  With AZEX Bedbug Heat treatments you get the optional added benefit of a renewable lifetime warranty, follow-up K-9 Inspection and dead bed bugs!  Heat treatments are affordable and usually only require 1 treatment.  Treatments take 6-10 hours, but we recommend keeping the infected rooms closed for 24 hours to extend the treatment time.  Save money by only having to schedule one treatment for your bed bug problem instead of spending thousands and taking months with other exterminators.

For more info about how heat can kill bed bugs visit our blog here.

CAP Program:

Put a CAP on your pest budget with our CAP Program.  AZEX Pest Solutions is the only company in the state that offers the CAP program for all Multi-Family Housing clients.  This package not only allows you to CAP your spending, it also give your control over bed bug infestations, scorpions, cockroaches, moisture issues, paint drying times, carpet drying, odors and more.  If you are a multi-family housing owner or manager you have to check out this program.  More info is available on our CAP page.

AZEX Pest Solutions is at the for-front of new technology and the BEST bed bug treatments available.  Check our blog regularly for pest related info and specials.  If you have a bed bug infestation at your home or business give us a call at 877-445-2847.