Bed Bugs can’t fly or jump, many are smaller than a grain of rice, the eggs can be almost microscopic, and yet they still inhabit most areas of our globe.  Bed Bugs have been found in every US State as well as other counties including Canada, Europe, and Africa.  Many bed bug sightings happen in modern families home, nice Hotels/ Motels, and even public places like movie theaters and public transportation.


So what’s happening with bed bugs around the world?

Here is an update on what bed bugs have been up to in the past few months…

BedBug1Over Labor Day weekend (2015), a photo of bed bugs on a public transport bus went viral.  The SEPTA bus photo was shared over 10,000 times on social media.  This instagram photo shows the bugs alive on the bus seats. SEPTA is taking all necessary actions to rid their busses of the unwanted pests and assures Americans that their busses are cleaned and fumigated regularly.  But a sighting of bed bugs causes panic with customers.  One report states that people were running off the bus after being alerted of the bed bug sighting.  [1]




Philadelphia has reported a surge in bed bug activity in the past few years.  In fact, they even set up a bed bug task force to educate people about bed bugs and how to avoid and eradicate them. [1]  Large cities, like Philadelphia, have an especially high risk of bed bug infestations, partially due to the tourism that is attracted there.


shutterstock_241650184“Montreal Bed Bug Problem ‘Out Of Control,’ Exterminators Say” is a scary thing to read for Canadian residents.  This headline was printed in the Huffington Post recently and has educated people of the problem in this beautiful city. According to the article,  “In 2000, I would handle one or two bed bug cases a year,’  an exterminator  told reporters.  ‘Now it’s 50 to 100 a day.’ ” [2] Yes, you read that right… “50 to 100 PER DAY”.  The Huffington Post also states,  ” Some neighborhoods are more affected than others [….] In Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a single street had 20 affected homes. “ [2] While the problem seems uncontrollable, exterminators say that they see the problem stabilizing and it should not get worse. [2]


shutterstock_117269926Now we travel to the town of Nakuru, in Kenya.  Reports are coming in of over 5,200 households being “disinfected” of bed bugs.  More homes may be infected, but residents are refusing government officials access into their homes in embarrassment over the problem. The government has provided adequate funds to be spent toward eliminating the bed bug infestation in the town and are working hard to accomplish that feat,  now its just up to the residents to help. [3]


Back in the United States we see that craigslist is full of bed bug warnings advising renters against certain rentals because of unresolved bed bug issues.   Words like “Please be very aware” and “Don’t rent here…” are common in these posts as people look out for fellow renters.  Bed Bug related lawsuits are on the rise and these craigslist posts prove that not all apartment and property owners take bed bugs seriously. In the future we may even see one of these properties as part of a new ongoing lawsuit.


Finally, an article regarding a Tosia High Scholl (in Fort Gay, West Virginia) sending their students home early, due to a possible bed bug problem , has sparked parents and students to be more aware of the possibility of bed bugs in their area. [4] Parents are worried that bed bugs are coming home with their children from school and many people are having home inspections done. We will have to stay tuned to see what happens as this “scary situation” unfolds.


As we can see, bed bugs are everywhere and can be contracted by anyone.  Bed bugs aren’t picky, they will live anywhere there is a food source, which unfortunately is our human blood.  Proactive professionals such at Arizona’s Azex Pest Solutions uses a variety of resources to ensure the elimination of bed bugs at each job.  From K-9 Inspections to Heat Treatments, AZEX is at the top of their game in bed bug elimination.  If you have a home or business that you would like to have inspected for bed bugs please give AZEX a call at 877-445-2847 or visit their website at  AZEX is the “Arizona’s Advanced Bed Bug Elimination Specialists”….Trust the pro’s, CALL AZEX TODAY!