Bed bugs are at it again!  There have been many bed bug stories in the news lately and in an effort to educate people about bed bugs, we have compiled a list of some of the biggest stories in bed bug news from around the world.


PortsMouth, VA

A mother of 4 was interviewed by local news earlier this year regarding a bed bug problem that has plagued the family since October 2012.  Ineffective pest control efforts resulted in spreading the bugs around the public housing unit and required countless follow up treatments. The woman’s children were reportedly traumatized by the bug problem which ultimately encouraged the mother to search for legal help.  After taking the housing authority to court, a settlement was reached.  [1]

At AZEX we believe that a single professional heat treatment could have saved this family countless sleepless nights and ultimately avoided the court case. Heat treatments offer a safe and effect solution for any bed bug problem.


Hull, U.K

Thousands of bed bugs were reported to have invaded two large tower blocks in June, 2016.  The bed bugs were reported to be especially large and left many residents horrified.  200 flats were warned of possible bed bug problems. The bed bugs originated in a 54 year old woman’s flat where she found hundreds of the insects living inside her couch one evening.  The problem is being controlled by local pest control professionals and hopefully the problem will be solved in short time. [2]

Bed bugs easily pass through walls, flooring and ceilings to infect other rooms in a structure.  This is why immediate reporting of any bed bug activity is essential to a successful and speedy solution.  Bed bugs spread quickly and should be treated with-in 24 hours of their first sighting for best results.


Bay City, MI

A woman was infested by bed bugs after purchasing a sofa from a local thrift store.  The bed bugs lived inside the furniture and infested the home once brought inside.  The family suffered multiple bites and disruption of their home.  [3]

This is a great reminder to anyone who shops as thrift stores, and other second hand stores to carefully inspect any new items before bringing them into your home. For more information about how to inspect your home, luggage, and used furniture visit our blog at


Reno, NV

A bed bug infested group home in Reno Nevada was issued a cease and desist in March 2016 after health inspectors removed a woman from the home in an ambulance.  The woman was illegally being housed in the Silver State Behavioral Health Inc. because of advanced care she required that the home wasn’t licensed to provide.  The home remains open after the bed bug infestation was treated and other residents, requiring lower levels of care, are still living there.  The bed bug infestation was classified as severe after a senior code inspector went into the living room and spotted bed bug crawling up the walls.[4]

Unfortunately we see these type of bed bug cases all too often.  All senior living, assisted living and group living establishments should have a proactive bed bug plan in place.  AZEX offers treatments plans that will keep your business bug free all year.  Call us today for more info!


Hamilton, Canada

Bed Bugs were reported to have infested the dorm rooms at McMaster University in March 2016.  Months of bed bug outbreaks have lead the university to release a statement saying that the problem is being taken care of.  They also stated that bed bugs are commonly found in dorm rooms throughout the year.  In March 2016 a “flare-up” was seen in bed bug activity that sparked a training session for all dorm members.  The university is practicing proactive bed bug extermination procedures and all bed bug reports result in a pest control professional being brought in and a detailed inspection is performed.[5]

The quick action by the university is a great model for all school, libraries, summer camps and other public locations.  Bed bugs are most easily treated when the problem is small.  Save time and money by reporting all bed bug sightings quickly and requesting an inspection with-in 24 hours.


Various Locations

A study was performed and reported in many news outlets regarding the Journal of Medical Entomology’s findings that the color of your sheets may be attracting bed bugs.  The study showed that bed bugs may be more attracted to black or red sheets, while they are repulsed by white, yellow and green sheets.  While the researchers that performed the study openly admit that changing your sheets to all white won’t get rid of a bed bug problem they are using the information to better understand bed bugs.[6]

Bed bugs are constantly being studied and evaluated.  The bed bug is constantly evolving; so constant study is needed to perform effective treatments.  AZEX is at the forefront of all of the newest and most effective treatments for bed bugs.  We offer advanced heat treatments that are proven to kill bed bugs the fastest and safest.


Lincoln, VA

A Virginia café was shut down and evacuated after fumes from a bed bug treatment seeped upstairs and into the cafe.  Several people reported irritation from the fumes and the fire department was called to investigate the scene.  The restaurant was forced to close for the afternoon and inspected by a hazardous materials crew before re-opening.  [7]

This entire report could have been avoided if the treatment for bed bugs would have been performed using save and effective CONVECTEX heaters.  Azex uses the most effective bed bug heaters available that allow for business to continue as usual in all other rooms that aren’t sealed for bed bug treatment.


Pikeville, KY

Hospital officials at Pikeville Medical Center reported bed bugs in Early June, 2016.  The bugs were likely brought in by hitch hiking on unsuspecting patients at the hospital.  Some of the affected areas, including the critical care unit waiting area, will be closed until the problem can be solved.  This issue proves that even the cleanest environments can be infected with bed bugs.[8]


If you find bed bugs at your home or business don’t hesitate to call AZEX and received a free bed bug inspection.  We offer safe, and highly effective heat treatments that can solve your problem in as little as 8 hours.  Don’t let your business end up in the news!  Call AZEX at the first sign of bed bugs and schedule regular inspections to keep you bed bug free.