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Bed Bug Services

Arizona Bed Bugs | AZEX Pest Solutions

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

AZEX PEST SOLUTIONS KNOWS HOW TO KILL BED BUGS!  Since 2007 our AZEX Heat and STERIHEAT processes have been the most genuine and effective heat treatments on the market.

Getting rid of bed bugs has never been easier.  We have over 10 YEARS (vastly more than any other “Heat Company” in the state) of experience applying heat to structures such as hotels and residential structures.

Many companies may offer a bed bug heat treatment; but only AZEX Pest Solutions has the experience, knowledge, and training to offer the AZEX HEAT and the patented AZEX STERIHEAT process that sets us miles apart from the competition’s cheap and oftentimes unsafe bed bug heat service imitations.

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DIY Pest Control | AZEX Pest Arizona

Rent Bed Bug Heaters

Arizona’s Premier Certified Provider

We understand killing bed bugs is not always easy or affordable.  However, with our extremely affordable daily rental prices and our state of the art bed bug heat systems, getting rid of bed bugs is as easy as pushing in the plugs.  Rental packages starting at just $99/day!  Schedule your rental today!

AZEX proudly offers K-9 Bed Bug Inspections and Residual Chemical applications to be performed before or after your heat rental.

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K9 Detection Dog | AZEX Pest Solutions

K-9 Detection Services

Like any remediation process you must first start with proper identification.  Bed Bug identification and detection through visual inspections alone can be difficult.  This is why AZEX offers our highly accurate, highly trained K9 detection services. All of our Bed Bug dogs are qualified to efficiently and effectively service the hospitality industry, healthcare facilities, apartment complexes, dormitories and private homes.

  • Proactive Inspections: Prevent infestations and find the problem early. 
  • Pre-Heat Inspection:  For a problem in suspected area that needs to be confirmed.
  • Post- Heat Treatment:  To ensure effective treatment results.
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Bed Bug K9 Detection | AZEX Pest Arizona

K-9 Detection Sales

It’s no accident that we provide the best working bed bug detection k-9s anywhere. Our Training and selection process is meticulous well thought out and proven. We are not the cheapest nor the fastest, we are simply the best.

Selection is without a doubt the most important step. Before a dog is accepted into our training program he/she is extensively tested to insure the dog has the natural ability, drive and soundness necessary to have a long and productive career in bed bug detection. We may test 100 dogs only to find 1 or 2 suitable for training. Although no dog is perfect, we choose to dedicate our time to selecting the right dogs for the job. Because of our meticulous selection process every dog in our training facility is of “ROCK STAR” quality.

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