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Besides the fact that bed bugs are just plain miserable, there are people who suffer in silence.  A quick Google search for Bed Bug Hotline directs you to the IBBRA’s web site.  This is where exceptional bed bug exterminating companies gather to combat and eliminate bed bug problems for many.

Pest operators are being asked to sneak in the back door of hotels late at night “and told not to tell anyone they are treating for bed bugs”.  Aunt Bess is hiding her bitten up arms with a long sleeve sweater on a hot summer’s day so no one asks questions.  Tenants are deciding to self- treat and are afraid of telling their landlords because they fear they did something wrong, it’s their fault or they are afraid of getting evicted.

 Landlords are so scared to admit they have bed bugs due to a wide spread myth that bed bugs live in dirty places.  Often these fears will cause a person to lie through their teeth about bed bugs.  People with these fears let the problem get out  of hand before reaching out or asking for help.

The International Bed Bug Resource Authority brings a new light to the bed bug problem through a massive educational outreach program that helps people better understand what they are up against and how to remedy the situation without fear.  Being a member of IBBRA isn’t something one takes lightly; each candidate it is measured by skill, achievement, and bed bug experience in the industry.

Those who make it as an IBBRA member are not your average run of the mill pest control companies and become an extension of a worldwide bed bug task force fighting the battle daily.  Each company goes through an extensive interview, background check and has to abide by stringent bylaws and professional ethics in order to become a member.

Azex Pest Solutions, a Founding Member of the IBBRA since 2011, combat bed bugs in Phoenix and Prescott Arizona where they work hard to educate multi-unit properties and hospitality groups as well as the public.

We recently spoke to the owner of Azex, Ron Ketner and asked him what he has been experiencing with this bed bug pandemic these past few years. “They are causing major issues for residential and commercial properties everywhere. This modern day plague is resulting in serious loss of revenue and an overall negative perception of the affected homes and business. Studies have shown an increase of 800% in bedbug activity in the last few years. Bed bugs are resilient and people need to know the signs of them in order to find them early and we are here to teach them”.

Ron worked as a scientist for the United States Department of Agriculture, and in 2007 Ron Ketner started AZEX Pest Solutions in Prescott Arizona to address the ever increasing need for an extremely effective and non-toxic option for bed bug eradication.  Since that time, Ron and AZEX have become one of Arizona’s foremost authorities on Bed Bug Heat Remediation and Bed Bug Detection K9’s.

Successful elimination of bed bugs from homes or business can be extremely difficult. Like any remediation process you must first start with proper identification. The adult phase of the insect is easily identified due to its size, however in terms of nymphs and eggs identification and detection through visual inspections alone can be difficult.  This is why AZEX offers highly accurate, highly trained K9 detection services. All of our Bed  Bug dogs are qualified to efficiently and effectively service the hospitality industry, healthcare  facilities, apartment complexes, dormitories and private homes

The honest and effective business practices that Ron and AZEX Pest Solutions are committed to, produce a healthy, growing, family owned business that customers can always depend upon. Ron attributes the company’s success to the hard working, ethical, highly trained, and experienced bed bug heat technicians at AZEX Pest Solutions.

They are a family-owned and operated business, with offices in both Phoenix and Prescott Arizona whose true passion is bed bug heat eradication.

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