bb_landing1Bed Bugs

Human beings most likely acquired bed bugs during our shared troglodytic ancestry.  This can be extrapolated due to the fact that all three of the known species of bedbugs (Cimex hemipterus, Leptocimex bouti , and Cimex lectularius) that parasitize human beings will also feed on bats (C. lectularuis readily attacks rodents and other domestic animals). 

Bedbugs are dorsoventrally flattened, reddish brown bugs that can grow to a length of 8 mm.  They stay on their hosts no longer 5 to 10 minutes during feeding.

Bed bugs feeds exclusively on blood and they prefer human hosts due to our “cavelike” habitats (i.e. our homes). Bed bugs are known to have devastating effects on the victims psyche as illustrated in the many websites dedicated to bed bugs.

AZEX Heat Treatment Technology

With the known fact that bed bugs are rapidly killed when exposed to high heat.  AZEX offers bed bug eradication treatments designed to heat up a room or full structure within temperatures ranges between 140˚ -160˚F.  Our convective bed bug heat treatment treatments are extremely effective and have advantages such as being able to kill all the entire life cycle of bed bugs, including the eggs all while being 100% non-toxic. Our treatments are safely used in many sensitive environments all around Phoenix Arizona with fast turnaround times as short as 24 hours.  

AZEX offers the top of the line heat treatment services as an effective solution designed specifically for the needs of home owners and commercial  properties and such as hotels, universities, and property management companies.