Recent outbreaks in bed bugs are causing major issues for homeowners, hotels, and the summer camp industry. Studies show increase of 800% in bed bug activity in the last few years as a result of increased world travel and resistance to pesticides. Bed bugs can have one blood meal and gain six times their regular weight, and survive off that meal for up to one year. The female can lay up to 400 eggs in her lifetime!

Why AZEX Heat for Bed Bugs?

No pesticides / Non-toxic
. Kills nymphs, adults, and eggs
. 100% effective
. Penetration into cracks /crevices
. Does not expand the infestation
. Disinfects building and living
space of other microbiological conditions (i.e. bacteria, mold)
How Is AZEX Heat Implemented?
Clean, dry heat, is introduced to the bedroom or building and the inside air is slowly raised to a safe “sauna-like temperature”. To ensure that the temperatures of 140-160ºF are maintained for a kill of the target organisms. State-of-the art digital bb_landing1thermometers monitor inside ambient, surface, and core temperatures. This heating process penetrates cracks and crevices to kill bed bug nymphs, adults and eggs. Additionally the process kills inaccessible mold and bacteria for a higher level of cleanliness.