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Bee Removal Services


Have a Bee Problem?  Get Same Day Service With AZEX

bee-landedBees can be a major problem for the residents of Arizona. Whether they are the garden variety, European Honey Bee or the increasingly more common Africanized “Killer Bee” Hybrids, AZEX Pest Solutions has you covered. Our goal is to provide bee removal and remediation services using the most environmentally friendly methods available. We can remove bees from walls, roofs and chimneys as well as swarms on bushes and trees.

Bee removal is definitely not a do it yourself project! Bees can be extremely difficult and dangerous to remove especially when they are protecting an established working colony with as many as 30,000 individual bees.

If you have a bee problem and live in the Phoenix or Prescott, Arizona, we can help. Give us a call to learn more, or to receive a free estimate. We provide same day service in many areas, and usually have a response time of one hour.

Bee flyingBeehive / Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb removal is a necessary part of most bee removal projects. If the combs are not removed, the honey will melt causing noticeable stains and other damage. In addition, an un-removed hive may attract rodents, and other insects. Most importantly, if the honeycombs are not removed correctly and completely, the smell of the honey can attract new bee colonies that can infest both the same location and other areas of the structure.

AZEX Pest Solutions has trained state certified technicians with the expertise to tackle any bee removal project.

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