As part of Bed Bug Awareness Week we are covering one of the most asked bed bug questions; How to I avoid getting bed bugs?  Nobody wants to bring bed bugs home from their summer vacation!  A bed bug infestation can be a very un-nerving experience.  Bed bugs can have countless psychological effects on their victims by combining paranoia and insomnia.  And with summer in full effect AZEX Pest Solutions wants to remind travelers that bed bug awareness is KEY in preventing the spread of infestations.  A few simple tips and tricks can keep you bed bug free this summer and can prevent the spread of existing infestations.

So what’s the first thing you should know BEFORE traveling this summer?  The answer is simple, you should know what bed bugs look like and where they hide!  If you intend to stay in a hotel on your vacation this year, make sure that you do a quick inspection of your room BEFORE you bring your belongings in.  Even if you are staying at a 5-star resort, the risk of bed bugs is the same.  ANYWHERE can be affected by these little blood suckers.

bed bug lifecycle

Introducing, the dreaded bed bug:

bed bug ages

As you can see above, bed bugs are small insects that start of nearly translucent in their nymph stage.  With each stage of growth the bed bug will cast it’s skin and have a blood meal.  At full grown the bed bug will be approximately the size of an apple seed, or ¼ inch long.  Bed bugs do not have wings and can not jump or fly.  After feeding the bed bugs body will swell and darken to a blood red color.  You may also see bed bugs eggs during your inspection, which can be identified by their tiny white shells.  You may want to bring a small flashlight and, magnifying glass to aid in your inspection.

Where to look:

  • If staying at a hotel pull back the sheets on the bed and inspect the mattress and the seams around the edge. Look for live bed bugs, cast skins, eggs, and blood or fecal stains (which resemble ink spots or smears).
  • Upholstered furniture is also a common place to find bed bugs, and can be overlooked if proper treatments are not performed after a bed bug sighting. Check the seams of any furniture in your hotel/motel room.
  • When visit public places, including public transportation do a quick inspection of any furniture or signs of bugs. Remember that bed bugs don’t just live in beds.  They can inhabit any place where a blood meal can be found.  A small flashlight might come in handy here as well, especially in movie theaters and for looking between seats.
  • Lastly look for signs of bed bugs in your own belongings, especially after picking up your luggage in an airport or bus station. Bed bugs can easily spread from one infested persons bag to multiple traveler’s belongings during transport.  It may not be your fault if bed bugs happen to choose your bag to hitch a ride on.  Look for signs of live bed bugs in the seams of your bags.

bed bug

Bonus Bed Bug Tips:

  • Protect your luggage by keeping it covered with plastic bags or protective covers. It is a good idea to keep some plastic garbage bags in your car.  You can cover your bags before loading them into your car to prevent any hitch hiking bugs from infesting your vehicle.
  • NEVER open your suitcase on the bed in a hotel. Always use the luggage rack.
  • Travel with luggage that features a hard exterior. This makes it harder for bed bugs to hitch a ride on your bag.
  • When you get home make sure you inspect your suitcase before bringing it into the house. This is especially important if you think you may have come in contact with bed bugs.


If you have a bed bug issue at your home or business you NEED to trust the experienced professionals to eliminate the issue before it can spread.  Bed bugs can cause a variety of physical and psychological issues if left untreated.  Don’t put your family’s health at risk with dangerous chemical treatments performed by “the other guys”. The AZEX Heat process will not only kill bed bugs, but will also make your living area healthier for those you love!  What do you have to loose……besides those nasty bed bugs?

Call AZEX at 877-445-2847 to schedule an inspection and treatment!