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IPM (Integrated Pest Management) – What’s That?

You might have seen the term IPM or Integrated Pest Management used in the pest control world.  However, you might be wondering, what is an IPM program, and how will that help you with your pest problem? AZEX is here to clear up the confusion on what an IPM program includes, and explain how we could solve your bug problems with the proactive CAP program:

An IPM program includes 6 essential features:

  1. Monitoring The problem: This includes regular inspections of the treatment area.  During these inspections, the type and level of the infestation will be assessed.
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10 Termite Facts You Might Not Know

Although termites are a world-wide problem, many people surprisingly know very little about the insects that might be eating their home from the foundation up.  Knowledge is critical in controlling and preventing termites from eating your house out from under your feet.  Below are ten facts about termites that will help you understand these pests and give you the information to better protect your property.


  1. Termites Never Sleep

Termites are extremely busy insects.  Eating through the foundation of an entire house is no small job, and termites take their jobs very seriously.  A termite colony works/feeds 24/7/365 with no breaks.  Although it seems impossible, thermites can live up to 2 years without a single rest.

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5 Reasons to Choose AZEX Pest Solutions over “The Other Guys”

When it comes to your residential or commercial pest control, we know you have lots of businesses to choose from.  That’s why AZEX Pest Solutions strives to be the best in the state for residential and commercial pest control services.  AZEX offers the highest quality treatment options, we guarantee our services and provide some of the fastest service around.  Whether you’re looking for someone to do your seasonal pest sprays, or if you have an infestation problem, AZEX is the answer!


We’re Certified, Professional, Licensed and Insured

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Unusual Pest Control Services from AZEX

Bees | Pest Calendar | AZEX Pest Solutions

AZEX Pest Solutions is your local resource to pest control. Whether you have issues with rodents or insects, our professional staff are here to help. With offices in Phoenix and Prescott, we are here for everyone in Arizona! Our services include a wide variety of Pest Control services; even a few that you have never heard of!

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The Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Arizona | Azex Pest

AZEX Pest Solutions is the most trusted bed bug heat company in the state of Arizona.  The owners and staff work hard every day to ensure that every treatment performed uses the highest quality equipment and is performed to the highest standards for every customer. 

AZEX is also dedicated to spreading awareness regarding bed bugs and their elimination.  There are countless websites offering ineffective treatments and DIY methods.  These inaccurate methods are not only going to prolong your bed bug infestation they can also be very dangerous, causing damages to your home, health effects to your family, and cost hundreds of dollars in repeat treatments.  AZEX wants to end this expensive and dangerous cycle by giving the public accurate information, high quality DIY treatment options and offering treatments that work the first time. 

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New Services Offered by AZEX

Azex Pest Solutions | New Pest Control Services

AZEX Pest Solutions is your local pest control resource. Whether you have issues with rodents or insects, our professional staff are here to help. With offices in both Phoenix and Prescott, we have you!

Bed Bug Removal Services

If just hearing the words “Bed Bugs” makes your skin crawl, then the idea of dealing with an infestation proves the need for a professional. Often people will try DIY treatments, but just as often the treatment falls short and they end up back where they started. Bed bugs are sneaky and reproduce quickly. Instead of being the next meal for these pests, contact the experts at AZEX Pest Solutions to eradicate the problem. Our team of experts has a variety of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to finding and eliminating your bed bug problem. Including our Bed Bug K-9 Detection Services. K-9 Bed Bug detection literally sniffs out the issue allowing for lower treatment costs and an increase of treatment success.

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15 Ways To Keep Pests From Taking Over Your Home

Azex Pest | Avoid Pest in Home

It’s that time of year again; The days are getting warmer and the bugs are coming out of hiding. In Arizona that can mean spiders, scorpions, centipedes, ants, rodents and more. To keep your home safe from bugs the AZEX Pest Solutions team recommends a routine pest treatment schedule as well as maintenance around your home to deter pests.
Here are some tips to help you work with your Azex technician and current pest control plan.
1. Always cover your garbage can and make sure it closes tightly – Birds and rodents love to find food and other discarded items in your garbage. Deter these rodents from ever finding your property by keeping all garbage sealed.
2. Make sure to fix any leaky plumbing, faucets and hoses – Excess moisture will attract insects of all types, and could cause mold damage as well.
3. Seal all holes, cracks and openings into your home – these are perfect insect doorways into your home.
4. Keep your trees and bushes trimmed and away from your house – rodents and insects can use any extra coverage around your home as a way to access the foundation of the home undetected.
5. Cover any uneaten pet food or store it until the next meal time – pet food can attract rodents, ants and other pests.
6. Don’t leave crumbs and other food splatters uncleaned – cockroaches and ants love crumbs. Don’t leave a free buffet out for insects.
7. Properly dispose of any tree trimming and leaves – Remove leaves, lawn trimmings, branches and other landscaping debris to avoid creating harborage for pests.
8. Keep your grass short – Scorpions, centipedes, ants, earwigs and other insects love to live in overgrown lawns. Keep the grass trimmed, not over watered, and clean of trimmings.
9. Don’t allow water to pool outside – standing water can attract mosquitoes, no-see-ums and other bugs. Water is also an attraction for rodents and pest birds.
10. Get a cat or dog – It has been proven that homes with pest often have less rodent activity.
11. Regularly vacuumed carpets and upholstery – keeping your home free of dust, crumbs and other particles that settle in the carpets can help keep dust mites and other small pests away.
12. Clean up your dirty laundry – A recent study proved that bed bugs are attracted to your dirty laundry. Don’t give bed bugs a place to hide – clean up that laundry pile.
13. Make sure your garage door shuts completely – This is often one of the first places that pests will enter a home.
14. Remove and clean up any fallen fruit or un-eaten vegetables from your garden – For the

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Do DIY Termite Treatments Work?

Azex Pest Solutions | DIY Termite

Whether the goal is to save money, or if you’re just tired of waiting for your exterminator to fit you into their business schedule, many people turn to DIY methods for pest control. 

There are two main types of termite treatments; Chemical and Bait.  We will discuss both below and why they will, or will not, solve your termite problem.

Chemical Treatments

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Save Money With Regular Pigeon Control

AZEX Pest | Pigeon Control

Each year thousands and thousands of dollars are spent cleaning up after pests birds.  Pigeons love to nest and roost on buildings, in parking garages, on rooftops, and balconies.  Their feces is extremely acidic and can erode building materials, damage paint and cause other damages to your home or business.

With regular Pigeon Control treatments from Azex Pest Solutions, you can save money on all the repairs below buy simply keeping the birds off your property.  The longer birds are allowed to nest or roost in an area, the harder it will be to get them to leave.  It’s important to take a proactive approach with regular treatments, clean up and policy enforcement.

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