Bed bugs have been a burden to homeowners and business owners alike throughout the U.S for 100’s of years.  These blood sucking insects are enough to drive people mad and cause many rumors and myths.  AZEX Pest Solutions is here to debunk some of these myths and educate the public with information regarding the blood sucking insects.

 Baking Soda

The method around this popular DIY bed bug treatment is to sprinkle baking soda around the bed bug infested areas.  After a few days you should vacuum the baking soda up and repeat the process until all the bed bugs are dead.  The baking soda is believed to absorb into the surface fluids on the outer layer of the bed bug’s shell and cause them to become dehydrated.

Myth or Fact?

MYTH – There is no scientific evidence to suggest that baking soda is a successful home remedy for bed bugs.  In addition, even if baking soda did work as promised…each and every bed bug would have to walk through the powder many times to get enough on their body to cause them to dehydrate.  This method also wouldn’t kill the eggs or small nymphs that are hidden inside the furniture.

Moth Balls

For this home remedy to work if is suggested that you place a handful of mothballs around the common bed bug hot spots such as underneath your bed, sofa and other furniture.  The theory is that the chemicals used in mothballs have quite a pungent smell and will repel the bed bugs.

Myth or Fact?

MYTH – Researchers at Rutgers university tested the effectiveness of this DIY treatment and found that mothballs failed to wipe out bed bugs.  Although 44-60% of adult bed bugs died, the eggs and nymphs survived.  Also, the small could cause bed bugs to simply move to another room in the home.

Wash Bedding

Strip the bedding from your bed and place it in a black bin liner.  Transfer these linens to your washing machine and wash them on high heat for at least 90 minutes.  The heat in the washer will kill any bed bugs living there.

Myth or Fact?

FACT – Washing your bedding is an effective method to kill bed bugs.  The use of heat will kill bed bugs in any stage of their life cycle.  However, It is important to remember that the bed bugs on your sheets could be just a small percentage of the population infesting your home.  While this is a good treatment for REDUCE the number of bed bugs it is not a complete solution.

Dryer Sheets

Place scented dryer sheets underneath your mattress, in drawers and underneath sofa cushions.  The scent of the sheets will repel bed bugs.

Myth or Fact?

MYTH – there is no scientific evidence to support this method.  Even f the dryer sheet did repel the bugs, they will often find a way around them to get to their food source.

With these myths swirling around many people ask, “Then what do I do?”.  The answer is simple.  Call in the Professionals!  AZEX Pest Solutions uses super effective heat treatments to kill bed bugs in just 8-24 hours.  Our heat treatments are safe and nontoxic.  Call today for more info!