Traditionally bed bugs have been eradicated with chemical sprays and powders that slowly kill bed bugs on contact.  After witnessing countless allergic reactions, and negative heath effects in various news articles the innovators at AZEX developed a way to kill bed bugs quickly, affordably, and IMPROVE the air quality in your home, all at the same time!

Bed Bug Heat Equipment The WORKS!

The AZEX heat treatments use one of the most advanced heat system in the world.  By using high quality heaters AZEX ensures the safest and most effective treatments possible.  All of AZEX heaters meet or exceed the OSHA safety and environmental standards.  Each heater is EPA registered and are specifically designed to heat structures.  The heaters are also approved for residential and indoor use.

Experience You Can Trust

AZEX was the Arizona bed bug heat pioneer when they performed the first bed bug heat treatment in 2007.  Since that time AZEX has completed thousands of successful heat treatments and employs the most experienced heat remediation specialists in the area.  All the pest professionals employed at AZEX are state certified and know how to safely reach lethal temps in a structure without damaging your property!  AZEX is fully licensed and insured to apply heat treatments for hotels, inns, motels, and residential structures throughout the state of Arizona!

After the Treatment

Once AZEX has completed the heat treatment the equipment is removed and normal business or living operations may continue in the area.  Mild clean up, such as vacuuming and arranging items in the room are recommended.  AZEX offers a full 2 week or 30-day K-9 Inspection to ensure that all of the bugs have perished in the treatment.  If even a single live bed bug is left, then the AZEX K-9 Detection team will find them and the proper measures can be taken to eradicate the issue.  All post (and pre) inspections are performed by a trained technician, not some third party!

If you have a bed bug issue at your home or business, you NEED to trust the experienced professionals to eliminate the issue before it can spread.  Bed bugs can cause a variety of physical and physiological issues if left untreated.  Don’t put your family’s health at risk with dangerous chemical treatments performed by “the other guys”. The AZEX Heat process will not only kill bed bugs but will also make your living area healthier for those you love!  What do you have to lose……. besides those nasty bed bugs?

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