Cockroaches Facts, Identification & Control

Cockroaches Facts, Identification & Control

Any pest problem can be an annoying problem for business owners, tenants or homeowners, but cockroaches often top the list in the most hated pests.  Their resilience and hardiness makes them hard to get rid of.  The pros at AZEX have compiled some tips, tricks and info for how you can identify, prevent, and eliminate a cockroach problem.


  • Cockroaches can measure over 2 inches in length, depending on the species.
  • Cockroaches can be identified by their 6 legs, 2 antennae and some species even have wings.
  • Even cockroaches with wings are not adept at flying, so they are usually seen on the floor or counters.
  • Color varies between species; German cockroaches are brown, oriental cockroaches are black and American cockroaches are a reddish-brown color, other comer cockroach varieties can range from brown-tan.

American Cockroach


German Cockroach


Madagascar Hissing Cockroach


Oriental Cockroach


Brown-Banded Cockroach


Smokybrown Cockroach


  • Most cockroaches prefer damp conditions, which means they are often found in mulch piles, around standing water, around trash cans, in basements and sewers, and inside cabinets.
  • Some cockroaches will fly to lights, which can be quite alarming when a large roach flies toward you when entering or existing your home.
  • Cockroaches are fond of starchy food and decaying plant and animal matter. They will also thrive where there is water readily available.
  • Cockroaches are capable of spreading diseases and can carry allergens. coli and salmonella are at the top of the list for concerning bacteria that cockroaches often spread.
  • While keeping clean floors, kitchens and bathrooms is very beneficial to your pest control efforts, cockroaches may invade your home due to other reasons. It shouldn’t be assumed that the living area in unclean solely on a cockroach problem.


So you’ve got cockroaches, you are probably wondering what you should do now.  The first step is to call AZEX Pest Solutions.  Since every home and pest problem is different, one of our trained technicians will come to your home to assess the issue and design a treatment plan that will best work for your situation.  Follow up treatments may also be scheduled to ensure that the problem is solved and won’t return. 

If damage, such as leaking pipes, holes, cracks or other maintenance problems contributed to the pest problem then it will be advised that you correct those issues as soon as possible to further the pest control efforts performed by AZEX. 

Keep all areas where cockroaches have been seen clean, dry and free of crumbs and standing water.  Remove un-needed clutter and watch for areas where bugs could be still entering the structure.

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