Let’s be honest: no one likes cockroaches, and you absolutely do not want one in your home, let alone an infestation. Unfortunately, once they’ve found their way in they’re going to find a way to thrive, so if you’ve seen multiple cockroaches the best thing you can do is call pest professionals in to help you.

However, if you’re looking to take preventative measures, here are 7 tips to help you keep your home cockroach free.

  1. Clean the Kitchen from Top to Bottom

There’s a reason why cockroaches only appear in films and TV in filthy homes, and that’s because they like it dirty. They are attracted by the dirt and continue to stay, even if you clean, because they can survive on just about anything. The best way to keep them away in the first place is to make sure there isn’t any food or packaging left out for long periods of time.

  1. Keep Food in Containers

What does your pantry look like? If you keep open packets of food in the pantry, it’s time for a rethink. Every open packet is an invitation for a cockroach to come in and have a feast, so keep all your food in airtight containers and throw away the packaging.

  1. Keep the Outside of Your Home Clean, Too

It’s not just the inside of your home that attracts cockroaches, it’s the outside, too. Ensure you don’t leave piles of garden waste to decay near the house and dispose of house waste and trash promptly.

  1. Close Entry Points

A cockroach will probably find a way in if a home is attractive enough to it, but while you’re cleaning your home you should also repair any damage to your external or internal walls that may allow cockroaches (and other pests) to enter.

  1. Vacuum Thoroughly and Often

Remember that crumbs and food can get tracked into carpets and become hidden under furniture, so vacuum often and don’t forget to get those hard to reach places, like under couches, between the couch cushions, and under tables. If you keep a clean home but have seen a cockroach, this could be why.

  1. Keep Your Pantry Clean

Don’t allow crumbs and other food to build up on pantry shelves. Cockroaches will eat anything if they have to, but they’ll prefer a leftover crumb of cookie over wallpaper any day, so regularly clean your pantry.

  1. Clean Under Kitchen Appliances

Have you ever cleaned under your stove or dishwasher? How often do you clean around your microwave and toaster? Just like the rest of your home, it’s important to keep your kitchen appliances clean as they are an ideal location for cockroaches to find morsels of dropped food. While you’re there, clean under your kitchen cabinets, too.

If you’ve seen cockroaches in your home, the best thing you can do is start cleaning and call the professionals to eliminate the problem. You may find some DIY solutions online, but these aren’t always effective or involve leaving harmful chemicals around your home, which we don’t recommend. We only use treatments that leave you with a home that is completely safe to return to in just a few hours. To find out more about our services in the Phoenix, Prescott and surrounding areas, click here [link: https://azexpest.com/ ] or call us at 877-445-2847