The very first step in any pest control program is inspecting the environment where pest activity is suspected.  Identifying problem areas around your home can also help in preventing future pest problems as well.

Here are some tips to perform a successful pest inspection:

  1. Inspect problem areas that can attract pests
    1. Are there tree branches or bushes touching the structure?
    2. In there dense or tall weeds or grass on the property?
    3. Is there pine needles or mulch covering the ground?
    4. Do you have standing water or overly moist areas near your home?
    5. Are your gutters clear of debris?
    6. Do you have lawn debris, leaf piles, wood piles or grass clippings?
  2. Identify areas where pests can enter the home
    1. Do you have any torn or missing window screens?
    2. Are there any large cracks or crevices along the foundation of the structure?
    3. Are the door and window frames sound and without cracks?
    4. Are there any gaps around cables, pipes or wires that lead into your home?
    5. Do you have any vent covers missing or damaged?
  3. Identify the suspected pests
    1. Do you see areas that have been disturbed, such as mounds on your lawn, chewed wood, or gathered nesting materials? These can be signs of rodents
    2. Do you see animal feces around the home or in crawl spaces. Again these are signs of rodent activity.
    3. Do you see any small dirt mounts near the foundation of your home? This can be a sign of ants or termites.
    4. Have you seen any cast skins of insects? Scorpions and many other insects will cast their skin multiple times as they grow.  These skins can be a sign of pest activity.
    5. Are there black “ink spots” on your furniture or bedding? This could be a sign of bed bugs.

After performing your DIY pest inspection and finding any pest or rodent activity don’t wait – Give AZEX Pest Solutions a call.  We will come to your home and do a complete inspection of the area and provide a detailed action and treatment plan.  We strive to eliminate pest problems and keep you pest free all year round.  Call AZEX today at 877-445-2847!