Whether the goal is to save money, or if you’re just tired of waiting for your exterminator to fit you into their business schedule, many people turn to DIY methods for pest control.

There are two main types of termite treatments; Chemical and Bait.  We will discuss both below and why they will, or will not, solve your termite problem.

Chemical Treatments

Just about any hardware store sells “off-the-shelf” chemical treatments for termites.  This traditional/standard treatment for termites works by creating a barrier designed to prevent them from entering the structure.  These treatments are very affordable and accessible, which is why many Americans will turn to this solution for their termite problems.  While the chemical substances sold at your local store may kill termites, there are many other factors to getting rid of an infestation that they will likely miss.

First, you should consider the initial inspection and identification.  Termites are pros at hiding undetected, that means that your infestation could have been hidden inside your home for months, or even years before you found them.  It’s important that ALL areas where termites are living have been treated.  Otherwise, you’re only addressing half the problem and damage is still being done to your home after your DIY treatment.  The best way to make sure that all the termites have been treated is by trusting a professional to do an inspection and thorough treatment of the area.

The second factor that should be considered before treating termites with off-the-shelf chemicals is the health effects that can come with a chemical substance.  All pesticides can be potentially dangerous to humans and pets.  Any chemical treatment should be done with the utmost care for you and your families safety.  Gloves, masks, and other protective gear should be worn at all times.  If you hire AZEX Pest Solutions to be sure to mention if you have any pets that may come in contact with the treatment area.

And finally, it should be pointed out that off-the-shelf chemicals are not required to supply any results or data before releasing the substance to the public, that means that just because there’s a picture of a termite on the bottle, that substance may have never even been tested on termites.  This fact also goes for any DIY treatment available to the public, regardless if you’re buying a product or using a Pinterest method, you should always research credible sources for proof that the treatment will be effective.  Remember to closely monitor all treatments!



There are various biting systems on the market today.  Baits work by being placed directly in the ground, termites are attracted to it, and hopefully, will bring the poison back to their colony.  The poison will eventually be spread to all the termites, and their colony will be terminated.

All of the points mentioned above regarding identification, inspections, and effectiveness apply to bait systems as well as chemical treatments.  Many DIY at-home baits can be found online.  Most of these “wives-tail” treatments have no scientific backing and should be carefully researched before use.


In conclusion, the professionals at AZEX Pest Solutions would like to mention that while some pests can be adequately managed with off-the-shelf treatments, termites are not one of these pests.  Termite damage costs over 5 billion dollars in damages every year.  Termites can infest a home undetected, quickly costing homeowners thousands of dollars before they even know that they’re there. By attempting DIY treatments for termites, without the proper tools or training in professionally treating termites could be putting your home at risk, and the result could be thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.


How AZEX can help you keep termites away from your home:

Azex offers two approaches to termite treatment, reactive and proactive.

Reactive treatments are your professionally applied chemical treatments.  Azex uses Termidor HE for subterranean termite treatments.  Termidor is 100% effective at controlling all the termites in 3 months or less.  Termidor can’t be detected by termites, which allows them to fully digest and “shared” freely, achieving 100% control of termites.

Azex also offers termite heat treatments for drywood termite infestations.  By using clean, dry heat, the Azex technician can kill termites by reaching lethal temperatures throughout a structure.  This treatment is quick and effective for FAST results!


The revolutionary proactive termite treatment features a Sentricon baiting system.  Sentricon is environmentally responsible, effective and lasts longer than most other bait system s on the market.  The Sentricon system is preferred 3-to-1 over other leading termite baits.  The baits are placed in the soil around the home and kill any termites already present in the area and keep new ones from moving in.  There is no chemical solution injected into the ground around your home.  Likewise, no drilling, digging or trenching is required, saving your landscaping!


If you’ve got termites, call AZEX Pest Solutions to discuss which treatment option is right for you.  AZEX offers treatments to keep your home safe 24/7/365.  For more information call 877-445-2847