The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach to life is great for a sense of personal achievement and to preserve your hard-earned dollars. Making DIY crafts and backyard projects is fun and rewarding, but big projects, like bed bug treatments, can be a big challenge. If you are not careful, it might cost you big time in the long run.

Unfortunately, there are many stories in the news of people causing physical harm to themselves, family, and pets and damaging property attempting a DIY bed bug treatment. Homes have caught on fire when people misuse equipment or use things like space heaters, hair driers, ovens, and other tools not meant to treat bed bugs.

For example, a New Jersey man tried to exterminate bed bugs in his home using a hairdryer, a heating gun, and a space heater. The results were nothing short of an insurance company nightmare: his house caught fire, and three firemen were injured attempting to extinguish the errant blaze.

Another family sprayed isopropyl alcohol for the bed bug infestation in their home. They didn’t realize how extremely flammable this liquid was. A fire ensued when someone smoked a cigarette in the sprayed room, and the house was quickly engulfed in flames, causing $30,000 in damages! Thankfully no one was hurt.

These horrific examples are enough to scare the bugs off even the most courageous DIY’ers. But, you can be safe, effective, and save lots of money when using professional-grade bed bug heaters and have proper training and support from certified experts. The AZEX bed bug heater rental program is key to your safe and successful DIY heat treatment.

DIY Attitude + Azex Equipment, Training, and Support = Success + Savings


Bed Bug Heat Treatment DIY Options


Rent Equipment

Equipment rental is the DIY’ers best friend. Whether it’s a tractor, chainsaw, or professional bed bug heaters, renting can save you lots of money. If you are willing to supply the labor and follow instructions, you can get rid of bed bugs.

Another vital tool of the DIY’er is the “How to Video.” A Pew Research study found that 51% of people surveyed said they use Youtube specifically “to learn new things.” These videos bridge the gap between reading an instructional book and watching someone execute the tasks. Its become one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn a new skill. Azex Pest Control has access to the world’s most viewed and shared How-To videos on DIY bed bug heat treatment.

With these two components, you have set off on a path to successfully exterminating bed bugs from your home, but what if you run into trouble? Maybe a question about a unique situation specific to you? Don’t fear; the Azex Bed Bug Heater Rental Team is standing by to offer phone and text support to address any of those unforeseen challenges.

Check out Rental Packages here: azexpest.com/rent-bed-bug-heaters/

If you decide to shop around for the best deals on bed bug heater rentals, keep an eye out for these red flags:

  • Only use professional heaters designed to kill bed bugs specifically. Do not use space heaters, your home’s furnaces, garage heaters, ovens, etc.
  • Avoid renting propane bed bug heater systems. These can be very dangerous and should only be used by the pros.
  • Ensure the rental company you choose has certified training and at least five years of experience in bed bug pest control. The recent bed bug explosion across the country has led to a flood of fly-by-night startup companies trying to make a quick buck.
      • Check out: rentbedbugheaters.com for a complete listing of certified bed bug heater rental providers in your area.
  • Consider a heat and chemical combination treatment for the ultimate one-two knockout punch. Heat treatments will give you immediate relief, but chemical treatments can provide residual protection over weeks and months. Beware that not all chemicals are equal, and some can worsen your problem. Speak with the rental company for advice.



Buy Equipment

If you’re considering a professional heat treatment but have a DIY attitude, you should consider purchasing bed bug heater equipment. When you compare the cost of professional treatment with the price to buy new equipment, you will find that you can own equipment for a similar cost to a professional treatment. Once you own the equipment, you can become a bed bug expert and treat your home whenever you need it.

We highly recommend Convectex Bed Bug Heaters for your purchase. They offer the industries leading heaters and accessories.

Check them out here: convectex.com


Professional Heat Treatment

If, after reading this far, you are second-guessing the DIY approach to bed bug heat treatments, professional heat treatment will be your best option. They are a great choice if you don’t have the time or inclination for the DIY approach.

Azex Pest Solutions is Arizona’s most established and experienced provider of heat treatments. We are here to help and ready to get you free from your bed bug nightmare.

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