Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bug K-9’s

Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bug K-9’s

At AZEX Pest Solutions our K-9 Detection team is leading the fight against bed bugs.  We have some of the most well trained K-9’s in the field and are proud to offer their services to all of our bed bug clients.  AZEX is one of the few pest control businesses to offer in-house K-9 detection services in Arizona.  With their speed and accuracy our K-9 Bed Bug Detection Unit is hard to beat.


How accurate are the AZEX dogs at detecting bed bugs?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we hear. We are proud to have dogs that are 95% accurate in their bed bug searches.  The standard human technician is only about 30% accurate due to their physical and visual limitations.  Our dogs operate at the highest standards and are trained to keep their accuracy as high as possible.


What are the advantages of a K-9 inspection?

There are 5 advantages of a K-9 Inspection over the traditional human inspection.

  1. The Speed – Dogs can search a standard hotel room in about 3 minutes vs. approx. 20 minutes for a human technician.
  2. The Accuracy – Dogs can smell bugs in walls, inside furniture and under flooring where it can be difficult for a human to search.
  3. K-9 Skill – A K-9 search can detect the bed bug eggs and small nymphs which are nearly microscopic. This is especially useful when searching after a treatment has been applied to ensure that all of the bugs and eggs have been killed.
  4. Legal Safety – A properly certified K-9 can be used in a court of law as a scientific instrument. Having a K-9 Inspection will improve your appearance and reputation in any legal cases.
  5. Save money – Detecting a bed bug problem before it can spread into an out-of-control situation can reduce the cost of treatments. This is especially important if you own a business.


What is included in the K-9 Inspection?

During a k-9 inspection our team of specially trained dogs come to your home or business ready to work.  Dogs are prompted to search the room and trained to alert the trainer if any suspicious scents are detected.  Dogs search the entire room including, furniture, beds, walls, carpet, blinds and drapes, and floors.


Are the handlers trained in bed bug detection?

Of course!  All of the AZEX K-9’s and handlers complete training and “refresher” courses regularly.  Plus, we perform hundreds of inspections each year.  All of our technicians, K-9 Handlers, and K-9’s are trained to the highest standards!


If bed bugs are detected what does the handler do?

First the handler will reward the dog and do a visual inspection to ensure the dogs findings.  Then a more thorough visual inspection will be done to all areas that the dog alerted as bed bug locations.  All K-9 detections are confirmed before a treatment plan is written.  After the sighting is confirmed the technician will assess the severity of the problem and recommend a treatment plan.  Usually a heat treatment is scheduled and the problem can be solved in just a few short hours (heat treatments take from 8-12 hours to complete.  For more info on our heat treatments visit https://azexpest.com/heat-treatment/)


trainingHow much training does a detection dog go through before they are let into the field?

All of our detection dogs go through an extensive training process. The process starts with our vigorous selection process where we select dogs that have the natural ability, drive, and physical sounds to perform the job.  We might test 100 dogs and only find 1 or 2 that are suitable for training.  After the dogs have been selected the training starts at our facility located in Prescott, AZ.  Training will continue until the dog has reached the standards and accuracy required to perform the job.



Still have questions?  Visit our K-9 Detection page at https://azexpest.com/pest-control/bed-bug-dogs/


What to schedule a K-9 Inspection?  Give us a call at 877-445-2847 and we will schedule your inspection and bed bug treatment.

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