Find Bed Bugs “Before” They Find You!

Find Bed Bugs “Before” They Find You!

By Denise Donovan, IBBRA


• Proactive: Prevents infestations and find the problem before you or your guests do
• Targeted: For a problem in suspected area that needs to be confirmed
• Post-Treatment: To ensure effective treatment results

Why a K9 Detection Dog?
Detection dogs have been working for police departments and various government agencies around the world for decades.
Proven as an effective and reliable tool for locating items such as illegal drugs, termites, cancer cells on humans, explosives and now bed bugs. These highly trained canines are very hard working and can search many rooms per day compared to that of a human technician.
• We perform comprehensive K9 searches of any questionable areas.
• Findings are detailed / confidential report for your records.
• Dogs and handlers are certified and required to re-certify annually.
Bug Hounds provides only the highest quality bed bug detection dogs that undoubtedly and routinely save residential and commercial customers both time and money by detecting bed bug problems early.


Azex_K-92Proven and Trusted – “Man’s best friend” plays a critical role in early discovery, post treatment and prevention of major infestations. They have the unique ability to detect bugs in areas that are inaccessible to human inspection.
Cost Effective – It is the only inspection tool that can detect and locate early bed bugs infestations which is critical information for lowering costs and reducing the usage of undesirable chemicals.


Canines are Honest and Hard Working – They have no “vested interest” in whether bed bugs are there or not. Detection teams are capable of searching five times the amount of rooms in less time over human technicians and can pin point where bed bugs may be in inaccessible areas.

Problem Solvers – Many times people get bit yet can’t find where the bugs are. These dogs quickly and effectively point out the areas for quicker resolution.

Greater Peace of Mind – There is a higher probability you should further investigate should a detection dog alert. If the dog doesn’t find bed bugs, you can know with greater certainty that the location being investigated is clear of bed bugs

For most people, the first sign of a bed bug problem may be waking up with unidentified bites. Unfortunately, bites from a bed bug can resemble bites of other insects and the culprit must be found.

• Live Bed Bugs: Look for live bed bugs in any stage of development. (You may not always find a live bed bug).
• Fecal (Poop) Stains: Appear to be minute “ink dots”, (like from a black marker pen), can be found anywhere and is often mistaken for mold.
• Cast Skins: These are when the bed bug grows out of its skin and leaves the old one behind.
• Blood Stains: These spots may look like rusty spots on bedclothes, sheets, furniture and walls.

• Bed bugs are commonly associated with areas where we sleep or rest but are easily spread and found in adjacent rooms.
• In mattresses and box springs (seams and creases)
• Headboards and bed frames
• Carpet edges, base boards, molding, cracks and crevices behind and around bed
• Switch plates and electrical outlets, loose wall paper, picture frames
• Upholstered chairs, nightstands
• Piled up clothing or any cluttered areas

Bed bugs are not known to cause or spread disease.
• When feeding, they inject anesthetic and an anti-coagulant from their saliva which can cause an allergic reaction for some.
• Some people show no reaction to bed bug bites.
• They will bite any exposed area of the body, such as the face, neck, arms, and hands.
• The bite is usually not felt but can result in small, flat or raised bumps, red swollen and itchy skin.
• They have been known to cause sleeplessness, stress and mental anguish.
• Bed bugs can rarely be identified by the appearance of the bites alone.

Bed Bugs are known to be one of the most difficult pests to eliminate. It is important to find them in the earliest stages for quick elimination.



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