Scorpions tend to “bed down” and hibernate during the chilly winter months, this gives proactive home owners the chance to get a head start on their scorpion control plan.  Here are a few things you can do this winter and early spring to keep your house scorpion free.


Tip 1:  Seal the structure and perform routine maintenance.

Sealing your home will make a impact on how many scorpions are able to sneak into your home. Seal the doors, windows and any areas where there is an opening into the home.  You should always seal the structure before any major landscape cleaning or pest control spraying to avoid encouraging the scorpions to come inside.  Most times if you see a scorpion in your home, it will be sick or dying.  Usually this happens after a pest control spray, as healthy scorpions tend to avoid hums contact.


leavesTip 2.  Maintain your lawn and yard

Cleaning and maintaining your property is essential to any pest elimination program.  Overgrown vegetation, litter, dead branches and leaves, and general yard clutter provides the perfect place for pests to hide.  Also ensure that all water spigots and sprinkler systems are working properly and not leaking.  Pests love moisture, so you will want to make sure that all water outlets are working properly before the warm summer months arrive.  It is best to perform any yard work before a professional pest spray so the insecticide can get to the scorpions hiding places.


 black lightTip 3: Do a black light search

Once the weather starts to warm enough for scorpions to come out at night, home owners can do a scorpion search by taking a black light out during a “new moon” or especially dark night.  You can find scorpions and their hiding places much easier this was since the  scorpions will “glow” under the light giving away their location.  Be cautious when killing individual scorpions that you may find.  Make a note where scorpions are found and let your pest control technician know where you have them.


Tip 4:  Don’t try DIY treatments

One of the most common DIY treatments is Diatomaceous Earth (DE), which is also one of the most misused products available to the public.  While DE may kill some scorpions, it is not a recommended treatment due to the health hazards that it can cause.  It also can re-route scorpions to other less desirable areas of the home.


Tip 5: Call in the professional pest eliminators

Azex Pest Solutions can kill any type of pest found in your home or business.  We have extensive experience with scorpion and other common household pest control.  Call for your routine pest control spray before you have a problem.  Don’t let the bugs get a head start this year!  Call for your service today!

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