While your garden and home may have less insects during the cooler winter months, that doesn’t mean that you are 100% in the clear. There are many pests that still cause issues for homeowners and businesses throughout the winter months. Keeping a year round pest control treatment schedule is key to keeping these pests controlled all year long.

When the temperatures drop and before snow begins to fall, pests will start looking for a warmer place to stay for the winter. That means the insects will invade your home to beat the cold. Below are some pests you need to consider when making your winter pest plan.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are year-round, 24/7 pests that can cause sleepless nights, discomfort (from bites) and emotional distress. The holidays often mean that people are traveling more and having guests at their home. This can open your home up for possible bed bug infestations. If you suspect bed bugs in your home, call AZEX for a K-9 inspection and heat treatment.


You may see decreased ant activity outdoors when the temperature drops, but inside they can remain active even in the coldest weather. Especially if you have a large population of ants – you may need to schedule year-round professional treatments to keep them under control. The AZEX team can help you put together a plan for protection against ants all year long.


Spiders are by far the post common pest problem in the state during the winter months. Keeping your home secure and sealed is key to keeping spiders at bay. Spiders deserve a special pest control consideration because some of them bite and are poisonous to humans. AZEX is experienced with ALL Arizona pests. Call today for a free estimate!


Some cities in Arizona stay quite warm throughout the winter, which allows termites to remain active all year. Dry-wood and subterranean termites can defy the slight cold by living in the walls and foundation of your home. AZEX specializes in termite control. With a variety of treatment options AZEX will find the best way to keep termites from damaging your home or business.

Mice and Rats

The risk of invasion to your home isn’t limited to insects. Rodents can cause major damage and be very difficult to eradicate on your own. Rodents breed rapidly and in a matter of weeks/months you could have a big problem on your hands if not controlled properly.

Download the pest calendarDownload our pest calendar with helpful tips and a visual reminder of what bugs to watch out for. Schedule preventative treatments year round to keep ALL of these bugs away!
AZEX Pest Solutions provides year-round pest elimination services to residents of Arizona from their two locations in Glendale and Prescott. Call today for all of your pest control needs. AZEX will keep your home and business pest free!