Here Are the Strangest House Bugs We’ve Ever Seen | AXEX Pest

Here Are the Strangest House Bugs We’ve Ever Seen | AXEX Pest

We love our homes – they’re where we come back to relax, unwind, and have fun. Unfortunately, pests love our homes too! As one of the leading pest control companies in Arizona, we’ve certainly seen our fair share of strange house guests.

Arizona’s hot, dry climate makes it a great habitat for many bugs and although some are harmless, you probably don’t want to share accommodation with them. Let’s face it, some are dangerous and the last place you want to meet them is in the confines of your home.

Here are our top 3 strangest house bugs we’ve been called to deal with:


Strangest House Bugs We’ve Seen

1.    Scorpions

Scorpions are frightening looking and, though some are pretty harmless, a few are definitely worth avoiding. Arizona is home to quite a few species of this group of arachnids but the three most common ones are:

  • The giant desert hairy scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis is the biggest scorpion found in the US and can get to over five inches in length – not something you’re going to miss! Their sting is usually not serious and is likened to a honeybee’s sting, but some people experience an allergic reaction and suffer breathing difficulties, swelling, and drawn-out pain. Either way, it’s not something you want to find in your bedroom!
  • The stripe-tailed scorpion – This scorpion is very common in Arizona and much smaller than its giant desert hairy scorpion cousin being 1.5-3” when fully grown. Though numerous, its sting is not considered dangerous to humans. These are common, but are somewhat unusual houseguests since they are generally much more common in garages and workshops.
  • The bark scorpion – Not only is the bark scorpion the most common scorpion found in Arizona, it is also the most venomous. This light brown arachnid only measures around three inches long but its sting can cause extreme pain, tingling, vomiting, and accelerated heart rate. The young, old, and infirm are particularly at risk. The bark scorpion can climb pretty well, so they’re the most likely scorpion to find in your home. If you find these in your house you will want to seek out professional pest control experts.


2.    Spiders

Spiders aren’t that unusual, and if you’re not scared of them, you may even welcome a few of them to take out any other small flies or bugs that find their way into your home. But there are a few types of spider we’ve seen in homes that certainly aren’t welcome! They are:

  • Tarantulas are an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare, but are actually pretty harmless. They rarely bite humans and when they do for the vast majority it is no worse than a bee sting. Scary? Yes, but not normally dangerous. In fact, they prey on many of the bugs you’d rather not have around. Having said that, no one wants one running freely around the house or hiding in the dark recesses of the garage.
  • Black widow spiders have a terrible reputation and with the shiny black bodies and red hourglass marking on their abdomens, they look the part too. They don’t often bite humans as they are web sitters who wait for lunch to come to them but if they do, the bite can be very painful and cause considerable swelling. Sometimes the symptoms can be even more extreme and a hospital visit is needed. If you find more than one black widow in your home, it’s time to give us a call!


3.    Palo Verde Beetle

Although it could be mistaken for a cockroach, Derobrachus hovorei is just a beetle and completely harmless. This black or brown bug grows to around three inches long and the adult beetle only lives for about a month, just long enough to mate. They are attracted by lights so can sometimes find their way inside, but they very rarely there on purpose. If you find one, catch it and release it outside, you usually won’t see another inside.


If you have problems with any of these or any other pests it is a good idea to get experienced professional help. If you live in Arizona, we are more than happy to come out to do a free inspection of your home to identify any problems, whether it’s a nest of spiders or suspected termites. To request your free inspection, click here.


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