Here’s the Strangest Arizona Native Bugs We’ve Ever Seen

Here’s the Strangest Arizona Native Bugs We’ve Ever Seen

As experienced pest control professionals, we’ve received many calls from concerned homeowners regarding unidentified bugs.  With over 900 thousand different kinds of insects alive in the world right now, there’s bound to be some that you’ve never encountered before.  Still, seeing an unidentified bug can be unsettling for many.  Is it dangerous?  Do I have an infestation? What should I do?  These are all questions that may run through your mind.

Today, Azex Pest Solutions is here to clear up the mystery surrounding some of the weirdest bugs that inhabit Arizona.  How many of these pests have you seen?


  1. Blister Beetles
    While these bugs might look like a common black beetle, they actually can cause painful blisters is you touch one. These insects have a smelly, yellow substance that is excreted when they get frightened or angry (This substance is actually their blood).  If this sticky substance comes in contact with your skin it can cause itchy, painful welts.  These blisters are not lethal and don’t require medical attention, but they can be very annoying.
    If you’re a horse owner you may want to be more careful though.  Horses have been known to try to eat these beetles if there are too many pestering them, or if they begin living in the horse’s food.  If a horse eats too many it can be lethal.

Blister beetles are susceptible to your yearly pest control sprays, so many sure you keep up-to-date with your proactive pest control treatments.

  1. Kissing Bugs
    While their name might sound cute, these bugs are not friendly. Kissing bugs have a painful bite that can cause allergic reactions and uncomfortable irritation. Additionally, about 40% of kissing bugs carry the Chagas disease, which can kill you.  Luckily there are only a few confirmed deaths know of in Arizona, and only 7% of people report having an allergic reaction to their bite.  This is a bug to steer clear of, especially because they can fly and they leave droppings everywhere that can also make you sick.  If you spot this insect in your home, we recommend a pest control treatment as soon as practical.

  2. Camel Spider
    These bugs are some of the strangest looking bugs on the list. While their name suggests that they are part of the spider family, this is not actually true.  Likewise their appearance might make you think they are a type of scorpion, but this is also untrue.  These guys are actually called Solifugae and are usually not harmful to humans.  They can deliver a painful bite, but don’t possess any venom and rarely bite unless they are being attacked.  They enjoy dark, shaded, cool areas.  These insects are rare, and not usually considered a pest problem.

  3. Tarantulas

Although these giant spiders look scary to some, they are actually the least of your pest related worries.  Tarantulas are docile and can even be kept as pets (although we don’t recommend keeping a wild one as a pet, you’re best just to leave them be!) Tarantulas do have venom but they usually only use it on their prey.  In Arizona the Tarantula is actually considered to be beneficial, as they eat spiders, cicadas, grasshoppers, beetles, and other annoying pests.  If you come across a tarantula, the pros at AZEX recommend leaving it be; there is no need for any preventative or reactive measures to a tarantula sighting.


  1. Palo Verde Beetles

These big beetles freak many people out due to their enormous size.  These beetles come out during monsoon season, and people often find then near water.  They can measure up to 7 inches, and they can fly, although they aren’t very accurate fliers and will often make a mess on windshields and helmets. These giants are generally harmless to humans although they can deliver a painful bite if you mess with them.  Occasionally we will get calls of swarms of Palo Verde beetles, usually in places with lot’s of Palo Verde trees, as they live in the roots, underneath the trees and come out to mate.  If you’ve got a lot of them, go ahead and give us a call…otherwise you can avoid them if possible, and they should go away.


Arizona is home to some weird and dangerous bugs, but Azex Pest Solutions is here to keep you bug-free all year round.  We have experienced pest professionals that take your safety and comfort seriously!  Make sure you schedule your yearly pest control treatments and keep up-to-date with all recommended treatments.


If you have a pest problem, give us a call at 877-445-2847!

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