Hotel Bedbug Elimination

Hotel Bedbug Elimination

100% room occupancy is the goal for all hotels, but not if the occupants are bedbugs. An AZEX Pest Solution’s heat treatment can eliminate the unintended occupants safely, effectively, and in an environmentally friendly manner without relying solely on chemicals AND turn that room back over for human occupancy within 24 hours.

AZEX Pest Solutions uses AZEX Heat for the application of heat to individual rooms, or the entire structure. AZEX Heat is the genuine and most effective heat treatment on the market today. We have over five years of experience applying heat to structures such as hotels. We’re trained and licensed to use the application for hotels, inns, motels, and residential structures throughout the State of Arizona. Another byproduct of applying heat for pest control are; oxidizing odors like tobacco and eliminating allergens. No other heat treatment on the market can claim that!

Applying pesticides to combat infestations for BEDBUGS is risky business. Not only are rooms out of circulation from three to fourteen days. You have to throw out the mattresses and box springs. You also have to be careful of chemically sensitive people bringing frivolous lawsuits against you. Many are winning their cases.

Heat Treatments have the following advantages:
• Quick treatment times – 6-8 hours, from set up to tear down
• Efficacy is not affected by weather conditions (winds, cold, rain etc..)
• Off gasses odors from harsh chemicals and organic musty odors
• Eliminates allergens that can trigger asthma attacks
• Removes moisture in zones or structures, which is conducive to infestation and enhances the bedbug lifecycle
• Improves indoor air quality

About the process:
• It is a “non-chemical” process without multiple applications in the same room; it is safer and requires substantially
less precautions. This means, you can resume productivity in a more timely matter.
• Our process uses heated outside air to create positive pressure in the rooms; the result is consistent
targeted air temperature in all areas of the rooms including cracks, crevices and voids, where the pests and their
eggs are hiding.
• Our process involves heating each room to 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of heat kills the entire
life cycle of bedbugs (from eggs to adults) and holding lethal temperatures for 4 hours kills and eliminates,
common mold spores, allergens that trigger asthma, and oxidizes odors.
• Customers do not see vans or equipment saying BED BUG Killers or PEST CONTROL; we arrive in discreet enclosed
AZEX Pest Solution’s trucks or vans.
After the process:
• Four weeks after the initial treatment, we send in highly trained, bedbug detection K9’s to verify our
work as 100% effective
• The detection canines have been taught to ignore dead bedbugs which are essential for post treatment
– Competitors may claim that their dogs ignore dead bedbugs, but depending on where they bought the dog
from, you can’t be sure unless you know exactly how the trainer trained the dog. Saying a dog was never
trained to detect dead bedbugs and proofing your dogs from detecting dead bedbugs during daily training
exercises are two totally different things.

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