Keeping hotel beds bedbug-free isn’t easy, but it is vital to the success of your hotel. Even just one negative review reporting bedbugs may cause your ratings and bookings to plummet, so it’s important you stay on top of any possible bedbug problems.

Fortunately, with bedbug heater rentals, eliminating bedbugs can be as easy as pushing a button. Here are 5 reasons our bedbug heater rentals will keep your hotel bedbug-free throughout 2020 and beyond.

  1. Treatments are Short and Effective

Unlike chemical bed bug treatments, our heater rentals can effectively treat a room in just 6-8 hours and be ready for a new resident in just 24 hours. You can’t afford to close off rooms for long periods of time, and with a heater rental, you won’t have to.

  1. You Can Stay Profitable

Not only are chemical treatments costly and require a room to be closed for up to 15 days, but you also have to throw out mattresses and box springs. Replacing whole beds on a regular basis seriously eats into your profits, not to mention the potential for a lawsuit should guest accidentally come into contact with the chemicals.

  1. They Help Make the Environment Less Hospitable to Bed bugs

Heat treatments don’t just kill bedbugs and eggs, they also remove moisture from the area which makes a bedbug infestation more likely. An added bonus is that the heat treatment also improves the air quality for guests, making it a much more comfortable place to be for those who suffer from allergies.

  1. Guests Don’t Need to Know About It

Your guests don’t need to know a treatment is happening – there won’t be any vans or workers with “bug control” or “pest solutions” emblazoned on their vans and uniforms. When we arrive with your heater we will do discreetly, so your hotel can continue to operate as normal.

  1. We Can Guarantee Our Heaters Leave You Bedbug Free

After your heater treatment, we can return for a K-9 inspection to determine if all the bedbugs were eliminated. Our K-9 team members have been trained to know the difference between living and dead bedbugs, so they’ll only detect a problem if there is one. Yes, bedbugs can hide anywhere, but there isn’t anywhere our K-9 inspectors can’t detect. We recommend you book their services once per quarter after your initial treatment to ensure you stay completely bedbug-free year-round.

All AZEX service technicians are fully trained, licensed, and insured to apply our heat treatments to your hotel or motel throughout Arizona. When you rent a bedbug heater from us, it will kill all bedbugs and bedbug eggs in its vicinity. And if you aren’t convinced, we can provide you with K-9 follow up to ensure you are absolutely bedbug-free.

If bedbugs are threatening the reputation of your hotel, click here to find out more about our heater rentals , or call us today at 877-445-2847 for a free quote, and we’ll ensure are bedbug-free as soon as possible.