Pest Control Professionals Turn Up the Heat

Heat treatments are one of the most effective strategies that pest control companies can use to rid your home of a bed bug infestation. Heat services involve the use of a portable industrial heater that heats a room or your entire house to above 120 degrees Fahrenheit for a prolonged period to eliminate bed bugs. Heat treatments are an effective way of killing bed bugs instantly and the best pest professionals prefer using the heat method over pesticides or spraying chemicals.

How Does Heat Treatment Kill Bed Bugs?

Heat treatment works by causing bed bugs’ systems to overheat and begin to break down. The higher the temperature, the quicker this breakdown occurs and because the heat penetrates every surface in your home, there is nowhere from them to hide. The heat penetrates through furniture, bedding, and mattresses meaning that the bed bugs have nowhere to hide.

At temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs will begin to die off. However, heat treatment is most effective at slightly higher temperatures. The recommended optimal temperature is between 120 degrees and 125 degrees for a few hours to completely eliminate the bed bugs.

Is Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Effective?

Most exterminators will choose heat treatment as their preferred way to eliminate bed bugs.

Once the room is heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, all bed bugs and eggs exposed to these temperatures will die.

The success rate of heat treatment depends on how consistently you can heat your home to above the recommended 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When done properly, heat treatments have a 100% success rate. If the house is heated properly, heat treatment will kill every single bed bug and all of their unhatched eggs. You should always use professional equipment, or hire a qualified professional to ensure the heat treatment is performed at the right temperature and the appropriate length of time.

The main problem with heat treatment is penetrating cold spots inside the carpeting, bedding, and furniture. Every room has these cooler places that are protected from circulating heated air and contain cold air pockets. Heating these cooler hiding places requires the ambient room temperature to be much higher than the recommended 120 degrees. During heat treatments, the room air temperature can rise to 140 degrees or slightly higher. Your technician will maintain this temperature for several hours to fully penetrate every surface and eliminate all of their cooler hiding spots.

How is the Bed Bug Heat Treatment Performed?

The exterminator will start by sealing off any entry and exit points in your home and then turn the heater on and let do its work for four to six hours, periodically checking the temperature inside.

If the heat treatment is properly conducted it the quickest and most effective way to get rid of a bed bug infestation. Bed bug heating services take 4 to 6 hours to complete and you will be able to safely return to your home as soon as it’s complete. This means you don’t have to stay out of your home overnight and can get back to life the same day as the treatment.

Heat service treatments are a natural, safe and effective way to permanently eradicate bed bugs.

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