back to school graphicThis fall as students making the trip back to their college dorm rooms, some will unintentionally bring along some tiny guests that will quickly make the new college dorm room their home as well. Im talking about bed bugs!  Bed bugs love to travel and regularly hitch rides on unsuspecting travelers.   Being informed about bed bugs and the ways to prevent bed bugs from infesting your space is key to avoiding this experience.

Some of America’s most bed bug infested states also hold some of the largest and most popular colleges and universities in the Nation.  New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and surprisingly many cities in Ohio are some of the most infested cities in the country.[2]  This concentration of bed bugs probably started because of the many travelers that visit these locations every year.  Also, the tight living spaces and many apartments make these areas perfect for bed bugs.

back to school 2Although some of the largest colleges and universities in the country are located in the bed bug infected capitals, even if you aren’t heading to NYU or George Washington University there may be a risk of bed bugs in your area.  Most colleges have had at least 1 or 2 issues with bed bugs in the past 10 years.  With the rise of bed bugs and the constant flow of students it’s inevitable that bed bugs will find their way into the class room or dorm setting which leaves many students wondering; how do bed bugs get in?  The truth is, bed bugs are extremely good hitch hikers and can travel from place to place fairly easily without being noticed.  You could pick up a bed bug on the public bus, on an airplane or even at a public place like a restaurant or movie theater.  Bed bugs love to hide in clothing and luggage or backpacks.  More information about the travels of bed bugs can be found at

back to school3Most schools are proactive with their treatments and strive to eliminate the problem as soon as possible.  That’s why the first step in getting rid of the bugs is notifying your RA or someone with similar authority of the problem.  The good news for students is that the school, landlord or property managers, in many states,  are required by law to take care of any bed bug issues in a timely manner.  With bed bugs lawsuits becoming more prevalent, most property managers are diligently being proactive with bed bug eliminations.  Quick action against the bugs is extremely important to avoid a larger problem down the road. If caught early, bed bug eliminations can be quick and easy.  If your landlord or property manager refuses to take care of the issue, check your states laws, the landlord may be legally responsible.


At this point you are probably wondering what you can do to avoid bed bugs making their way into your room in the first place.

  • Search your room and bed for signs of bugs and notify your RA if you see any activity of bugs. For more information on what to look for in a bed bug inspection check out our blog  &
  • If there has been a bed bug sighting on your floor or dorm building you should wash all clothing frequently, both washing and drying on the hottest setting. [1]
  • Keep all your clothes and bedding off the floor and the room tidy. [1] While a tidy room doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get bed bugs – it does leave the bed bugs with less places to hide.
  • Vacuum the rugs and drapes everyday (or as much as possible) [1]
  • Be careful with DIY treatments for bed bugs as some are untested and dangerous if applied incorrectly. It’s best it rely on the professionals when dealing with bed bugs.

Heading back to school is an exciting and stressful time in a student’s life.  With the help of proactive schools, property managers and owners we can make sure the bed bugs don’t put a damper on student’s college dreams.  Azex Pest Solutions is proud to service all of Arizona in any bed bug related issue, whether it be at a college or University, a personal home or apartment building.  Call Azex today if you think you may have a bed bug problem. 877-445-2847


Azex Pest Solutions wishes you a happy and safe trip back to school and a successful semester!