While spring and summer are prime time for common Arizona pests, not all pest problems go away when the cooler weather hits. So, what fall and winter pests should you be on the lookout for and how can you prevent them? Read on to find out.

Common Arizona Winter Pests to Be on the Lookout For  

  1. Termites

You may be surprised to learn that termites are often most active in the winter, at least for Arizona residents. While frost may ward off and kill termites in other states, here the cool temperatures and warmth of your home will help them breed and thrive.

Termites are a very serious problem, and if left untreated, can undermine the structural integrity of your home and other structures on your property. It’s important you act as soon as you see evidence of them.

  1. Spiders

When the weather cools, spiders seek warmth and often that means finding a place in your home. While one or two spiders may only bother those with phobias – and if harmless can be ignored – large numbers and poisonous spiders are a problem.

Brown recluse spiders and black widows are both found here in Arizona, and seek out dark, secluded spaces where you likely store seasonal clothes and objects. Brown recluse spiders aren’t aggressive, but they are the most likely to hide in a blanket, climb into your bed, or hide in a sweater thrown over a chair. Spiders won’t damage your home and often eat other pests, but they may bite you, your family, or your pets.

  1. Rodents

Like smaller pests, rodents also seek the warmth of our homes during the cold months. Once inside your home, small rodents can cause a serious health risk to you and your family. Any rodent will be looking for food, and of course, the best place to find it will be in your kitchen. These little visitors aren’t discerning about where they defecate, and their droppings are known to carry pathogens that are harmful to humans.

Once they’ve found their way into your home they can be difficult to remove if you don’t know where they’re living, and if they start breeding you may be quickly overrun. It’s best to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

  1. Roaches

Roaches are another pest that becomes more active in the winter months, and they are even less popular than spiders. Roaches spread bacteria and diseases as they crawl over your kitchen surfaces looking for food, and can even make allergies and asthma worse for members of your household due to the proteins they produce.

How to Prevent Common Winter Pests

  1. Termites

Go around the perimeter of your home and look for any collected leaves, mulch, dead plants, lumber, and garbage that may be leaning up against the side of your home. This is a termite’s invitation in, so whenever possible try to only allow the concrete foundation to touch the soil. If that’s not possible, do your best to keep dead and living plant matter and decaying wood from building up near your home.

  1. Rodents

Plug any areas rodents may be able to gain access to your home and trim back any trees near your roof so they are less likely to be able to find their way into your roof. Keep food in airtight containers so no pests can use it as a food source.

  1. Spiders and Roaches

The best way to prevent winter guests of the six and eight-legged variety is to close all windows and doors when you are out and at night and look around your home for any small holes they may be able to squeeze through and seal them. Don’t leave out dirty dishes overnight, as roaches will happily eat even the smallest of leftovers.

If any pests are disrupting your life or damaging your property, don’t ignore the problem. Click here to find out more about our services or call us directly at 877-445-2847 for a free quote, and we’ll ensure your pest problem is professionally eliminated.