Are you planning to move this year?  Are you buying a new home or moving into a new rental or apartment?  These times can be very stressful, especially if you unintentionally walk into a bed bug infestation!  AZEX Pest Solutions is here to help you keep your moving experience bug free by offering K-9 inspections and heat treatments.

6 tips to make sure that you stay bed bug free throughout your move:

  1. Schedule a K-9 inspection before you purchase a home or sign a lease agreement.  A pre-inspection will tell you if bed bugs are hiding in the walls, under carpets or in cracks and crevices in the walls where it is difficult to see.  If bed bugs are detected during the inspection, a heat treatment can be applied to eliminate the bugs.
  2. Before moving into your apartments speak with the management staff and find out what their bed bug procedures are. Also find out if the building has been previously infested and when their last bed bug inspection was.
  3. Get to know your neighbors! Especially in apartment buildings, if there was a previous bed bug problem the other tenants would know about it.  Get the inside scoop before moving in!
  4. When seeing your home for the first time, don’t be fooled by fresh paint and new carpet. These features can hide the evidence of an infestation for a short time until the sale goes through.  Remember, bed bugs can affect anyone, even the cleanest and nicest homes could have a bed bug problem. K-9 inspections and heat treatments are a MUST if bed bugs are suspected.
  5. Don’t bring second-hand or thrift store finds into your new home until they have been properly inspected. Bed bugs like to hide inside furniture and clothes, so keep your eyes out for signs of bed bugs with any used items.
  6. If you are using a moving company to help you move, ask what steps they take to ensure their trucks stay bed bug free before you load all your belongings. All moving companies should have a bed bug procedure in place.

Don’t walk into a bed bug infestation in your new home.  AZEX Pest Solutions offers advances K-9 detection services that can be performed in any home, room, apartment or building.  Our specially trained dogs are up to 95% accurate in detecting the presence of bed bugs, even ones hidden inside walls and flooring. 

To schedule a K-9 Inspection call AZEX at 877-445-2847