You might have seen the term IPM or Integrated Pest Management used in the pest control world.  However, you might be wondering, what is an IPM program, and how will that help you with your pest problem? AZEX is here to clear up the confusion on what an IPM program includes, and explain how we could solve your bug problems with the proactive CAP program:

An IPM program includes 6 essential features:

  1. Monitoring The problem: This includes regular inspections of the treatment area.  During these inspections, the type and level of the infestation will be assessed.
  2. Record keeping: Monitoring the problem will be useless if the proper documentation isn’t kept. Recording treatments, outbreaks and other information is kept to making sure that services are performed on time and that they have been effective.  A logbook should be kept at all commercial locations.
  3. Prevention and treatments: Some pests, such as spiders, can never be entirely eradicated. An action plan is put in place, and additional treatments are scheduled.  Glue boards may also be provided to monitor the progress of your treatment.
  4. Eco-Friendly Tactics: Under an IPM, chemicals are used as a last resort and in conjunction with other treatment methods. Heat treatments are used where possible and are more effective than traditional treatments.
  5. Evaluation: A regular evaluation process is essential to determine the success of the pest management strategies.

AZEX’s IPM program puts a CAP on your pest control budget:

Azex offers the CAP program for residential and commercial customers, which includes bi-monthly exterior pest control services.  For commercial customers, our equipment can also provide faster carpet drying, odor reduction, quick paint dying, record-speed pest control and more.

The CAP program consists of providing your property with state of the art heat remediation, full weekly or monthly pest control services, and bed bug K-9 detection services that could save you tens of thousands of dollars a year all while reducing your exposure to lawsuits and downtime in your business. Our program can immediately stop the flow of funds towards unnecessary pest, the bed bug, and water remediation costs. CAP will put you in the DIY driver’s seat!

Call and ask if the CAP program is right for you or your business!  Call today at 877-445-2847!