Many people believe that bed bug treatments are extremely expensive.  While this can be true, many times the cost of the treatment is dependent on a few critical decisions made early in the bed bug elimination process.

These factors are:

  1. Who you hire (or if you DIY)
  2. What treatments you perform
  3. Size of the infestation

Let’s start with the extent of the bed bug outbreak.  It’s true that if you have a huge infestation, it can be more challenging to eliminate, even for the most experienced pest professional. Treatment of ALL infested spaced at the same time can significantly reduce the need for follow up treatments and “re-infestations.”  This includes all rooms in your home and any spaces that share walls with the infested areas.  If you live in an apartment building and share walls with your neighbor, then they may need to have their home treated as well.

The last two factors are linked together with-in one decision.  How are you going to kill these bed bugs?  If you decide to hire a pro, how do you know you’re hiring the right person for the job? Which treatment should you request?  Or if you decide to DIY your treatment you might be thinking, “which DIY treatment is going to work?”.  Here are some simple tips to help with these decisions.

  1. Hire someone who knows what they are doing! The number of treatments it takes to get rid of the bugs and whether or not your exterminator has actually killed bed bugs before are going to dictate the cost of the extermination. Inexperienced pest professionals cost consumers thousands in un-needed treatments by making simple mistakes and using ineffective products.  Make sure your pro is experienced and qualified in bed bug remediation.  With over 10 years of experience and the most effective treatments options available, AZEX is the right choice for your bed bug needs.
  1. DIY – Many people think the DIY methods are cheaper than a professional, and while that is true in many cases, the treatment method also plays a big part in the successfulness of your DIY treatment. Off-the-shelf treatments aren’t going to work, and you’re going to end up paying more money to have a professional fix any damage your failed DIY treatment caused.  Plus chemicals can be very dangerous!  Spreading chemicals, dust and using bug bombs can spread the bugs to a larger area and make future treatments harder and more expensive.  Choosing the RIGHT DIY treatment is critical.  AZEX offers DIY bed bug heater rentals.  The rental packages start at just $99/day and use the same equipment that the pros are using all over the world.  Easy to set up equipment and simple instructions will get you on the way to killing bed bugs yourself without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the smallest, most contained infestations are the easiest to kill.  It’s essential that you act quickly, and perform effective treatments to achieve the desired results.  The best way to kill bed bugs is with professionally applied heat.  Heat treatments can treat the whole area where bed bugs are thriving and destroy the entire bed bug lifecycle in one treatment.  Chemical treatments can be used as a follow-up to a heat treatment, but should also be applied by your AZEX professional technician.

Heater rentals are also a great alternative to professionally applied heat treatments.  They use the same equipment that the professionals use, but you only pay for the equipment and time that you need it.  Daily rates are very affordable, and the results can be amazing.  With one treatment, in 6-8 hours all the bugs in your home could be killed.

AZEX covers all of your bed bug remediation needs.  For more information and to talk to a technician about your treatment options call AZEX at 866-605-9270.