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Bed bugs can hide just about anywhere: under carpets, in baseboards, inside mattresses and box springs, in electronics, and behind walls. It’s virtually impossible for a human visual inspection to be effective. Detection dogs have been used to sniff out various illegal drugs, cell phones in prisons, termites, cancer cells on humans, explosives, and even bedbugs for decades. They have proven themselves an effective and reliable tool for locating and alerting trainers to hidden items.

hospitality industry

Proactive K-9 bed bug inspections greatly reduce the possibility of negligence claims by increasing the probability of early detection. This will, in turn, limit bed bugs’ ability to spread to adjoining units and reduce treatment costs. Protection plans for your property and your guests should include, at minimum, quarterly K-9 bed bug inspections.


Apartment Complexes & Dormitories

These are prime locations for bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can easily migrate through the walls from one unit to the other as the infestation grows. If you find bed bugs in one location, the surrounding units should also be inspected to control the infestation before it gets any worse.



Bedbug infestations can come from your luggage after traveling or from bringing home infested furnishings. We can search your luggage to prevent bringing the bedbugs into your home. Sleep in peace again, knowing that your home is bed bug free.


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With top trainers, a handler’s course included, and over 20 years of experience, we are here to make your bed bug detection dog search and training simple and attainable!

When you purchase one of our highly trained bed bug detection dogs, your handler’s course is included in the price of the dog. The course is imperative to the long-term success of your K-9 bed bug detection team. Your success is our success! We want all our K-9 Bed Bug Detection Dog clients and their companies to flourish.