bbugs1As summer kicks off with kids getting out of school, many families are planning  vacations and kids summer camps.  But, while you are out planning the best vacation ever, bed bugs are gearing up for their prime time as well.  Nearly half (49 percent) of  all bed bug infestation calls occur during the summer months.[1] Also in a study compiled from the NPMA’s 2011 Bed Bugs in America Survey, “…Nearly 80 percent (of people surveyed in America) are most concerned about encountering bed bugs at hotels; 52 percent on public transportation; 49 percent in movie theaters; 44 percent in retail stores; 40 percent in medical facilities; 36 percent in their own homes; and 32 percent equally pointed to places of employment and friends’ homes.” [1]  With the frightening rise of bed bug infestations nationwide, precautions should be taken to prevent bringing  unwelcome critters home from your family vacation.  Here are some tips to avoid these unwanted guests.


When Staying at a Hotel/Motel

One of the most prevalent places that we see bed bug infestations is in Hotels.  When arriving at a hotel, a quick survey of the room should alert you to any bed bug issues right away.  By following the steps below you can check if bed bugs are present in your room.

  1. Don’t bring your bags into the room until you’ve done an inspection. [2]
  2. Check the bed! Check in the sheets especially around any seams, piping, or ruffles. Also check the dust ruffle carefully, as it is commonly a hiding place for bed bugs that is overlooked. [2]
  3. Check the rest of the room! Since bed bugs are usually found near the bed, all furniture in close proximity to the bed should be inspected as well. Behind the headboard, picture frames and mirrors are common places to find bugs.  Don’t forget to check inside the drawers. [2]

If you happen to find bed bugs in your hotel room, let management know right away.  Most property managers will want to know about and correct the issue right away in order to avoid a costly lawsuit.

Here are some other tips to keep bed bugs from making their way into your luggage:

  1. Never put your luggage or clothing on the floor or bed. Store your bags on the luggage rack or on top of other furniture. [2]
  2. Unused items can also be stored in zip log bags for added protection. [2]


Sending Your Kids to Summer Camps

Summer camps are a huge part of many children’s summer plans.  If your child is planning to attend an overnight camp, here are a few precautions you can take to avoid bringing bugs into your home.

  1. Before sending your kids off to camp, check reports in the camp’s surrounding area and ensure they take precautions against bed bugs. [2]
  2. Pack your child’s belongings into a hard-shelled suitcase rather than a fabric bag or backpack. Hard-shelled cases have fewer folds, seams and loose fabric where bed bugs like to hide. [3]
  3. Upon returning from camp, wash all of your children’s clothes with hot water and dry them in a hot dryer, this will kill any bugs that may have snuck into the folds of the clothes un-noticed.

If you find evidence of bed bugs at your child’s summer camp let the camp supervisors or property managers  know right away. Professional exterminators should be called in to eliminate the problem immediately.


If you are one of the unlucky families that bring home bed bugs this summer, don’t fret, there are professional exterminators, like AZEX Pest Solutions, that can help.  With fast, friendly and professional service, AZEX will take care of your pest problem easily and quickly.  Using revolutionary heat technology AZEX will eliminate the bugs and rid your family of unwanted pests.  If you have bed bugs at your home or business call AZEX today at 877-445-2847 or visit our website at