Multimodal Bed Bug Abatement Program

Multimodal Bed Bug Abatement Program

Recent outbreaks in bed bugs are causing major issues for homeowners and the housing industry.
Many occupants report red marks and bites after one night’s rest resulting in loss of revenue and an overall negative perception of the affected structure. Studies show an increase of 800% in bed bug activity in the last few years as a result of increased world travel. The bugs can have one blood meal and gain six times their regular weight, and survive off that meal for up to one year. The female can lay up to 400 eggs in her lifetime.
Treatment options are numerous and the effectiveness of each is debatable. However, through a thorough proactive Integrated Pest Management Program utilizing a number of Bed Bug eradication techniques including Heat, Residual Chemicals and K9 Inspection and detection, 100% eradication and prevention of future infestations can be achieved in a highly cost effective manner.


• Integrated Pest Management (IPM), reduces chemical exposure rates to tenants and or staff. 100% Non-Toxic and Highly Effective.
• Kills all stages of bedbug growth including the eggs.
• Penetrates deep into bedbug harborages, including furniture, electronics and walls.
• Treatment completed in as little as 4 hours. No development of resistance.

Chemical Treatment of Harborages

• Treatment of Harborages w/ Non-Repellent and highly Persistent Materials where possible.
• Insect Growth Regulators – Breaks life cycle through sterilization.
• Non-Repellents – Highly Effective on pyrethroid-resistant strains of bed bugs. Will not disperse or “lock in” bed bugs.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs
• Quick Detection and Accurate Monitoring of Infestation throughout a structure.
• Ensures post treatment efficacy.
• Leads to lower remediation costs.

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