The start of a new year is always exciting; it gives you a chance to start over or change things about your life. If you spent a significant portion of 2019 fighting pests in your home or business, it’s time to make a change. In 2020, you don’t have to put up with pests; don’t let ants wander freely in the pantry, eliminate those roof rats once and for all, and destroy any sign of termites before they can take hold.

Here’s how we can help you keep your home and/or business stay pest-free through 2020 and beyond.


Start Treating the Problem as Soon as You See It

As soon as you see pests near your home or business, or signs of an infestation, don’t wait to see if there is really a problem. There are DIY remedies you can try if you’ve only seen one or two pests, but if it’s not working and the infestation is growing (which they do quickly if they have chosen to move in for good), don’t wait before calling us in. We’re experienced in handling all Arizona pest problems with all traditional pest treatments, and we’ll come and inspect your property for free. Our rodent control service [link:] safely and humanely removes rodents from your property before they can become a problem.


Do Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly Prevention

You don’t have to wait for a pest to become a problem before protecting your home or business. For many of us here in Arizona, pests are a year-round battle, thanks to our warm climate. Fortunately, you can take regular preventative action to protect your space and prevent the costly damage some pests can do. We offer pest prevention plans to help you stay pest-free and on budget all year.


Eradicate Termites

While there aren’t any pests that are good to have around, termites are definitely a serious unseen danger. In all too many cases, a termite problem is ignored for too long until it becomes a disaster – the very structure of your home or business is now jeopardized and may need replacing. That is a costly expense, so if you see any sign of termites even near your home, call us. We don’t just control a termite problem; we eradicate it with environmentally friendly safe treatments. (Find out more here.) [link:]


Pigeons are Pests Too

One or two pigeons are likely welcome in your yard, but if they tell all their friends about how great it is, you’ll quickly have a pest pigeon problem. Pigeons carry numerous diseases in their feces and they often drop it on your walkways, porches, play equipment, and work equipment, all of which are likely places for you, a loved one, or an employee to come into contact with a dangerous pathogen. We offer completely humane and effective pigeon control for commercial and residential properties. [link:]


We Need Bees… But Not in Our Homes

We all know how important bees are for the environment, but we can’t have them in or surrounding our properties. A swarm of bees can do some serious damage, especially if they are something far nastier than our garden variety bee. Be on the lookout for bees through the summer months and call us if you have a problem.


Keep Beds Bed Bug Free

We offer a 100% effective bed bug elimination service for residences and businesses, and it’s well worth scheduling a yearly K-9 inspection to ensure you keep your home or business bed bug-free year-round. (Find out more here.) [link:]


Have you seen a pest and you’re worried you’re about to be overrun? Don’t hesitate to call us in to inspect your property for free and take action to eliminate the threat. We are based in Phoenix and Prescott and cover all areas of the state. To find out more about our services, click here. [link:] If you’re preparing for the year ahead, make sure you bookmark our website and put our number (877-445-2847) in your phone.