Have you noticed pest pigeon droppings on the ground by the front door or along the side of your home or business? Are bird noises disturbing you or your guests?  If you answered yet to any of the questions above then you might have a pest pigeon problem!  Did you know AZEX Pest Control can help?  Pigeons are no match for the AZEX Pest Solutions treatment methods.

Here’s why you should get rid of those pesky birds:


Pigeon droppings can be extremely damaging to your property.  Bird droppings can cause HVAC systems to breakdown, sometimes requiring the entire system to be replaced.  Nests and droppings can cause damage to drain gutters, shingles and even cause your expensive solar panels to overheat or loose effectiveness. Pigeons can also damage gardens and fruit trees causing lost crops and large messes.

Lost Business

Whether you own a storefront or a hotel/motel, pigeons can cause you to lose business.  Excess droppings can turn people away from your business store front.  Their noise can also be extremely annoying to guests and cause lost business or complaints for your hotel/motel.  Not to mention if any of the damages from above occurs, your business could be shut down for repairs.

Health Risks

Pigeons can carry and transmit some dangerous diseases and parasites.  From ticks, fleas, mites and other bugs, to diseases like; Candidiasis, Salmonellosis, E.coli, and more!  Don’t put your family and friends at risk!!

If you have a pigeon problem, don’t wait, call AZEX today!  Pigeons are birds of habit and live in flocks.  Birds will return day after day to a place where there is food and/or water available to them.  Once they nest they will remain for as long as possible to raise their young.  Stop them from moving in permanently by scheduling AZEX for routine treatments.  AZEX is U.S. Pigeon Control Certified and offers super effective treatments for residential and commercial clients around the Phoenix area.