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Humane, Behavior Modification Techniques

Pigeons, like many other animals, have routines and behaviors that they repeat over and over.  This includes where and when they gather, nest and roost.  Getting animals to do what you want them to (or not to do) required patience and understanding for the species and their behavior patterns.  Working with the animals to change their behaviors will help keep them off your property for GOOD!


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In-order to control pigeons for individual homeowners there must be a joint effort between the AZEX technician and the homeowner.  The most effective treatments require a Community Control program, however AZEX does offer a program that can be effective for individual properties.

Treatment for residential properties start by removing nesting birds by capture and removal.  Once these nesting birds are gone, further pigeon control efforts can continue. 

The next step is Clean Up and Decontamination of the pigeon effected area.  Like most animals, Pheromones play a big part in the presence of a pigeon flock.  Once the evidence of pigeons have been removed then the flock will be much easier to control.

Next, the AZEX technician will eliminate potential and existing nesting areas.  This procedure will help keep other pigeons from roosting on your property, and will remove the "leaders" of the flock.

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AZEX offers commercial businesses the most advanced control services in the area.  These services include:

Area Patrol: AZEX technicians will patrol the area and identify any pigeon issues quickly.  Reports and treatment modifications are developed based on the patrol findings.

Quick Response: AZEX Technicians can be dispatched quickly to resolve any issues or rescue calls.  Some of these calls may include rescue, carcass removal, and capture requests. Capture requests and pigeon removal are implemented as often as necessary to maintain an acceptable level of control for your service area.

Investigation/Reporting: We deal with compliance issues including, intentional feeding or inadvertent feeding occurrences.  These reports can be used in legal proceedings, evictions and trespassing notices.

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