It’s not just about the bites; having an infestation of bed bugs can be soul-destroying, demoralizing, and cause high levels of anxiety. Bed bugs are a continuing, even growing problem in the United States but there is still a stigma attached to having them in your home. This is mostly caused by the fact that many still consider having bed bugs a reflection of a dirty environment. Bed bugs are not attracted to dirt – they want warmth, shelter, and food; i.e. the average American home with you as the food.


It’s not always good to share

But on top of that, there is also the stress of having these little biting insects living in your home. Your home is your oasis, your safe place, and you don’t want it invaded by a nasty parasite. You can’t even find sanctuary in your bed at night – that’s the bed bugs’ favorite spot too. Live and let live may be a good motto in life but it shouldn’t extend to Cimex lectularius or Cimex hemipterus.

Even the mention of bed bugs makes many peoples’ flesh crawl and knowing they are in your home may make you want to scream and never go in there again.


Bed bugs cut you off

Bed bugs are like fleas, no one wants them and no one wants to admit to having a problem. This can make you lonely and feel cut off from your neighborhood, friends, and family. At first, even admitting it to yourself may be difficult until the infestation is too big to ignore.


5 steps you can take

  1. First of all, realize you have the problem and that it is not your fault. The swankiest hotels and the most opulent of homes can be faced with a bed bug infestation.
  2. Try and deal with the fear. Bed bugs are not nice and a few people are allergic to their bite, but they are not known to transmit any disease to humans. Uncomfortable, yes, but not dangerous.
  3. Practice good mental health. Admit your anxiety and don’t blame yourself. Meditation, outdoor walks, and breathing exercises are all tools that can help deal with the strain.
  4. Tell someone to relieve the pressure. An internet search will quickly reveal the extent of the bed bug problem. Having bed bugs is not shameful, they are everywhere.
  5. Deal with the problem! You don’t have to put up with bed bugs, there are proven ways of dealing with them.


Get in the pros

There are DIY treatments available but they require a lot of effort and are usually not effective. Remember, you only have to miss a few eggs, and a little later down the line, you’ll be back to square one. You really should seek out a pest control company with a proven record that uses heat treatment as its primary method of bed bug eradication, with residual chemical treatment as a backup. Only heat will kill all stages of this insect’s life cycle – eggs, nymphs, and adults

If you become the victim of a bed bug infestation in Arizona, get in contact with AZEX Pest Solutions immediately. We will destroy the bed bugs quickly and guarantee total elimination backed up with K-9 detection.