Bed bugs are creeping out of their traditional biting grounds and making appearances in the unlikeliest of places.

Bed Bug K9

Ambulances, buses, storage facilities, taxis, airplanes, libraries, schools, retail stores, furniture rental stores and movie theaters all have been plagued with the new public menace of bed bug infestation. And once these pesky parasites take over, their full eradication is time-consuming and challenging.

That is why it is vital now more than ever to implement a plan to prevent bed bugs from invading public places with routine proactive canine bed bug inspections performed by licensed and trained professional handlers and their acutely accurate bed bugs dogs, like at AZEX Pest Solutions.

Canines are the new Sherlock Holmes of this century’s public health nuisance: scourges of bed bug infestations in the broadest range of public places, from New York’s Abercrombie & Fitch, to Akron, Ohio’s Quality Inn, which is one of hundreds of hotels to receive a publicly-posted  complaint in BedBugReports.Com., one of many online bed bug sighting and reporting sites.

And business owners and managers alike know that negative reports on the internet spread faster than the bugs themselves, damaging reputations and driving down business with the loss of customers who are increasingly knowledgeable of prospective places to patronize by utilizing the services of the world wide web.

Bed Bugs have been called the “pest of the century,” so pairing up with man’s best friend to hunt down these elusive insects is wise because using dogs to detect the presence of these creatures is the quickest and most cost-effective form of bed bug detection.

Dogs have been used for serious scent detection work since the Middle Ages, like Bloodhounds using their acute olfactory senses to seek criminals. Today canines are popularly used to search for illegal drugs, bombs, weapons, missing people, and more.  Dogs’ incredible olfactory sense – up to 100,000 times stronger than our own – can even detect cancers.  Canine bed bug detection works similarly as dogs are trained for hundreds of hours with the scents of live and dead adult bed bugs and their eggs in repeated sniff and find routines and commands. Canine inspections are optimum for large spaces because these expertly-trained dogs can detect bed bugs in the fraction of the time it would take a human professional to perform visual inspections and working dogs are relentless with an ability to cover up to 200 individual spaces or rooms in one day.

This is great news for operators and owners of hotels, apartments, commercial and residential leasing units, along with the buses, taxis, ambulances and the public providers already mentioned, because they can hire licensed and trained bed bug exterminators like AZEX Pest Solutions to do routine proactive canine inspections.  In fact, many attorneys recommend proactive canine inspections for home buyers’ and their prospective houses before close of escrow.

Being labeled the “pest of the century” is appropriate because these insects have made a big comeback after decades of almost near absence, transported via humans mostly sight unseen due to their easy portability, resilience and size. Bed bugs can hide in laptop ports, backpacks and the like via crevices and they can quickly move from one domicile to another via wall spaces like pipe holes and electrical outlets. And like most public offenders, they reserve their activity for nighttime, successfully eluding the detection of human eyes.

Bed bugs first appeared in the U.S. in the 18th Century, hitchhiking on the belongings of European immigrants who made their way to the New World. They were nearly obliterated with the widespread use of DDT, a chemical pesticide.  When DDT was banned and domestic and international travel increased, the six-legged creatures slowly made an unwelcome resurgence and have given the common cockroach a run for its money in the category of creepy, resilient, and menacing insects. But unlike cockroaches, which seek your food, yet run from you, bed bugs seek you as its food.

Bed Bug sniffing dogs detect the presence of these flat-bodied feeders with 97 percent accuracy and savvy bed bug exterminating professionals like AZEX Pest Solutions, which employs three full-time canine bedbug detectors, are among an elite group of experts utilizing dogs to assist businesses and more in maintaining premises of the highest quality control and care.

AZEX Pest Solutions offers proactive inspections individualized to meet the needs and budget of any public or private facility, including fixed-period, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly assessments.

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