Termites can cause thousands in damages for home owners and business owners alike.  In fast U.S. homeowners face an estimates $50 billion in repairs per decade due to termite damages.  Even a single attack could leave your with thousands in repair bills.  That’s why AZEX believes you should prevent the problem BEFORE termites can damage your property.  Prevention is the best way to avoid costs, headaches and the hassle of repairing your home or business.  AZEX proudly offers the Sentricon system, which can kill the entire termite colony, and keeps working for up to a year!

termites infographic

Did you know that termites can travel distances greater than the lengths of a football fields in search for food?  That means your neighbors termite problem could become your problem too!  But, just because you neighbor isn’t killing the termites doesn’t mean that you have to sit idly by and let the termites eat away at your home.  Just give AZEX a call and our training and certified technicians will come to you, asses the problem and give you a detailed report outlining the best course of action.

The Sentricon system works by creating s protective perimeter around your home, which will give you a 24/7/365 defense against the bugs.  Each Sentricon station is armed with bait that termites like better than wood.  Once the termites find the bail they will bring it back to the rest of their colony, resulting in the entire colony’s destruction. Even after the current colony has been destroyed, the Sentricon system stays in place to kill any other termites that try to scout the area.  For businesses this 24/7/365 protection is especially valuable because it eliminated the hassle of scheduling termites treatments all year round.  After the initial installation the baits just need changed every year.

Don’t let termites silently destroy your home or business.  Call AZEX for a year round termite protection today!